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5 Best Rated Tension Shower Rods On The Market Today

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Tension shower rod won’t stay up?

Taking a shower is a part of our everyday life, and showering without curtains, and best tension shower rods are practically unimaginable unless you like to soak your entire bathroom. At the end of a long, stressful day, relaxing in the shower is something that we all crave for, so it must be considered as an essential part of our life.

In the sea of various products, it is not easy to find the best quality tension shower curtain rods, but we will try to help you in your decision making. First of all, let’s get you through some basics on how to pick the suitable shower rod.

What to know when choosing a shower rod?

1. Different types of rods

Shower rods can be curved or straight, but they also can be square, oval, circular, rectangular, U-shaped, and L-shaped. Still, the curved and straight ones are the most practical and fashionable among the customers as they match common bathrooms so we will talk about these two types in the continuation of this article.

2. The mounting type

Considering the installation type, there are two types of rods – fixed and tension ones. The fixed rods are more traditional and are designed to last longer, but you should make holes in the wall to mount them.

On the other hand, the tension rods are easy to attach, and they don’t need any hardware during installation, but are not safe as their counterpart and can happen that tension shower rod won’t stay up.

3. Picking a mounting place

Depending on your desire and needs, you can select ceiling or wall to mount shower rods. While the ceiling ones are a good option for freestanding bathtubs, the wall works best with both showers and tubs.

4. Dimensions

Typically, you must check the dimensions of your shower before purchasing a shower rod as there are plenty of sizes to choose from. Usually, the length of shower rods is from 41 to 76 inches.

5. Finish color

The finish of the rod should match the other elements in your bathroom as they can be found in white, black, stainless steel, chrome, nickel, bronze, brass, sage, linen, and more.

Top five tension shower rods for the money in 2017 – 2018

We went through a lot of products that are currently in the market, and here are the best quality choices we could find.

1. InterDesign Astor Constant Tension Shower Curtain Rod

One of the best rated tension shower rods on the market at the moment, this InterDesign rod is also a somewhat affordable, so you can expand your elbow room without renovating your shower. That will save you a lot of money and time as well because you don’t have to worry about installation and holes in the wall.

In that way, you will not risk damaging interior of your bathroom, so in case you are living in a rented apartment, this could be a great option. This shower rod is quite durable, secure enough, and will not rust quickly, and all that makes it a solid purchase.


    Affordable price

    Modern and sleek design

    Pretty simple installation

    Comes in different lengths


    Tends to rust after some time

    Not as safe as fixed rods

2. Moen DN2141BN Adjustable Double Curved Shower Rod

Without question, this Moen’s product is probably best curved tension shower rod you can find, considering the value for money. Not only that it will provide a nice looking touch to your bathroom with a modern curved design, but thanks to a double-bar model, you have the option to hang both shower curtain and liner.

The installation is relatively easy as it comes with detailed instructions, and you can choose from three different finishes (brushed nickel, chrome, and old world bronze). Whichever color you pick, Moen got you covered as all of the types come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects. It is resistant to corrosion and rust, so losing its shine shouldn’t worry you for an extended period. 


    Lifetime warranty included

    Stylish and modern looks

    Durable and sturdy rod

    It doesn’t need assembly

    Fits most standard showers and tubs


    A bit overpriced shower rod

    The installation can be tricky

3. Carnation Home Fashions Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod

This rod is made from 100% iron, and it comes in a variety of colors such as white, tea rose, slate, chrome, bone, brass, black, antique, and more. With all these colors, you can find it easy to match the rod with other elements in your bathroom so it can satisfy even the pickiest customers. The option to expand it from 41 to 76 inches is quite handy as it gives you an opportunity to fit it in your bathroom without problems.


    Adjustable shower rod

    Comes in different colors

    Easy installation

    Relatively low price

    Sturdy rod with nice coating


    Not particularly secure

    Can be difficult to hold on the wall

4. Kenney A7004213316 Tension Rod

Excellent for lightweight shower curtains, this rod is among the best tension shower rods, considering its price and quality. Thanks to its soft, plastic tips, it will not damage or mark the mounting surface, and also, you can adjust it from 28 to 48 inches. Although it is the cheapest shower rod on this list, it only comes in brass color, which is a downside of the product.


    Extremely cheap shower rod

    Installation in no time

    Adjustable from 28 to 48 inches

    Plastic tips


    Comes in only one color

    Not quite sturdy and durable

5. Zenna Home 771SS Tension Shower Rod

The ZPC Zenith Products Corporation made this rod to be adjustable to any standard sizes of bathtubs so it can be adjusted from 44 to 72 inches. Thanks to TwistTight installation that is quite easy and requires no drilling, tools, and therefore, no damage on your walls, it is among most popular shower rods on the market. It can hold up to 30 pounds, and it comes in two colors: white and chrome.


    Straightforward installation

    Affordable price

    Adjustable and stretchable up to 72 inches

    A nice looking rod


    It is made of plastic

    It may fall from time to time


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the best tension shower rods for your bathroom, but you should read our text and instructions before making a decision. We went through the top rated products we could find, and although the decision is only yours, we can recommend the InterDesign Astor Constant Tension Shower Curtain Rod, as it tops our list.

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