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The 5 Best Wood Shower Mats For The Money

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Teak shower mat, this topic had been beating around the bush quite a long time in circumstances. I was reluctant about this product, because I used to think how a wooden mat could serve the purpose of rug mats. I’d always wonder how it could go as an alternate of rug mats.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to purchase one for our own use. We have 3 bathrooms, yet I’ve decided to go with one initially. So, I placed an order from one of the top most e-commerce site, Amazon. As we all know, Amazon does a wonderful service in their deliveries, I received the teak wood mat on the very next day itself.

Even after receiving the product in my hand, I was so sure of it not being serving our convenience. I was also thinking it got to go to the storage bin in couple of days. I’ve unsealing the parcel running through all this in my mind.

To my surprise, my perception was toppled. I fell in love with the mat at my site. It was feeling so good on my hands. Yet I’ve doubt about its performance. Admiring it for 5 minutes I’ve decided to install in front of my shower because I thought it could be slippery and kids wouldn’t always be careful while stepping on to it.

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It has taken me by surprise to a notch higher. Its anti-slippery surface beneath our foot gave me feel as if I was inside a luxurious spa. Rugs would even remind our foot to be careful about slipping on to the floor. But this teak shower mat made me forget slipping at all. Because of its floor like feel. Now that my first step out shower feels like a floor without even a drop of water in it rather the truth that I was just outside after my bath.

Unlike other woods, this teak wood mat is water proof, it isn’t absorbing even a bit of water into it. It’s well ventilated design makes me worry free to get rid of mildewed rugs and taking a day to clean all the tide and reek rugs.

This doesn’t mean that wooden mat doesn’t require maintenance at all, comparatively this has a less maintenance, and doesn’t require our immediate attention. So, now all our immediate attentions are transferred something else.

Right after a couple of days use, I found it to be a best accessory I could ever have it for my bathroom and ordered couple of teak shower mats for our other bathrooms.

It’s not only safer to us use, it also gives luxurious look to our bathrooms. It comes in various shapes like a curved edge rectangular design, sharp rectangular design, half rounded for the corners and etc.

It is also available in various shapes of browns that makes it easier to choose the style that suits best for our bathroom designs and shades. Unlike the description, it’s not only useful for shower door or to place it in front of bath tub. Its elegant design never fails to tempt us from installing it on others places be it indoor or outdoor.

Top Rated Teak Bath and Shower Mats For The Money

I would also love listing few of the good teak shower mats that I’ve personally used and those are available in the market for you to purchase.

The House of Teak Shower Mat

It’s a completely handcrafted solid teak, its mould and mildew performance are excellent and its natural oil resistant from insects. It’s also an amazing accessory for deck, shower, spa, balconies and patio walkways.

The original Spa Teak Bath and Shower Mat

Dimension of this product is very beautifully designed to match the shower door of any bathroom and it adds gorgeous look to any pool area. Again this is also a handcrafter from eco-friendly sustainable wood. This assures an anti-skid surface and non-slip resistant rubber grips are attached to the back of the mat for an additional stability. This is one of the commonly preferred teak accessories furniture selection of shower bench accessories.

Bare Decor Giza Wood Shower Mat

This borderless Giza teak mat brings in the feel of a tranquil spa just being in our home. This mat has been designed with the responsibly harvested solid teak wood. It’s also a naturally resistant to mold, mildew and slip resistant. This is also perfect for any indoor and outdoor purpose and provides us with a warm surface.

Luxury Teak Bath Mat

This is again another beautiful product that claims to use it in 3 different ways, one could be inside the shower to avoid contact with water for a longer duration. Two, can be used at the foot of bathtub or shower to avoid in contact with the cold tile while drying ourselves off from the water. Three, in front of vanity, to maintain our feet warm and safe while we are actually getting ready to work.

Its design has been gently craved out grooved prevents slick surface when wet and mostly designed with complete safety in mind. This comes with high stability and preventing us from the slipping on to the floor with its design equipped with a 6 anti-slip rubber sheet. Versatile mat size makes it a best combo for any inside or outside the shower accessory.

Teak Non Slip Bath Mat

This claims to an alternative for the cloth rugs a micro dry or any kind of other wooden mats. These are more durable, safe, clean and good looking different style mat. With this mat we can tidiest and makes it more sophisticated environment while it’s placed without even sacrificing quality.

Compare to other woods like bamboo and acacia these are sturdy durable and lasts longer. This is a unique hand-stitched design ensures an enough ventilation and keep away from stinking. Teak Non Slip Mat ensures a greatest stability on any surface because of its lightweight and roll able design.

Sharing my experience with you guys have rejuvenated my great feel about the teak wood bath mat once again.

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