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Top 5 Best Soaking Tub 2017 Reviews

beautiful soaker tub on the terrace

Putting the soaking tub into your bathroom can give you truly ancient king’s treatment!

Either you sit or lay this particular tub will provide a great comfortable, relaxation session to your body and soul. You can choose from a variety of producers, and some tubes can have some features that others doesn’t, but the point is the same – give yourself some wet relaxation in the warmth of your home.

What to look for when buying a soaking tub

First, you need to know if it’s going to fit into your bathroom. If you have a lot of space, then you don’t need to worry, but if your bathroom is small, then you have to check the dimensions and weight of a soaker tub.

If it’s too heavy, maybe you will need to soup the floor. But maybe the most important is how high it is. The proper soaking tube should be at least 15 inches high, also with a high-situated overflow valve. 

The second, you should check the material. The traditional soaking tubs are made from wood, and you can also find some made from a fiberglass or acrylic, and they are way better (and more expensive) than the plastic one. Look if there are any features like a whirlpool, candle and book holders, etc. but those will not necessarily provide better soak.


To help you find the best piece for your bathroom here is a list of the best soaking tubs you can find on the market.

Empava Luxury – Bathroom  Soaking Contemporary SPA Tub 

white acrylic soaking tub side view


This Empava luxury tub is made from a glossy white acrylic and with dimensions of 66.92 x 31.49 x 26.77 inches it will fit well in most of the mid-size bathrooms. Deep enough to provide comfortable pleasure, it will certainly cover the whole body. With a modern ergonomic design, this is probably one of the best soaker tubs you will find on the market.

Drain and overflow are included, but you will need to buy tub filler separately. Gloss white finish is anti-bacterial, and it provides a warmer touch. Metal feet are adjustable, and they will enable fine stability. It is not quite large enough for two grown persons, but you will get excellent quality for the price.


    Comfortable ergonomic design

    White acrylic with a gloss white finish for warmer touch

    Deep enough to provide comfort

    Good quality for the price

    One year warranty


    Tub filler is not included

    Not large enough for two grown persons

American Standard – Evolution Bathtub with Form Fitted Back Rest

american standard fly over view


Made from acrylic and with fiberglass reinforcement, this tub will bring some extra comfort to your bathroom. It is not too large (72 x 36 inches) but deep enough (21.5 inches) to give you great soak. It also has two shaped armrests and fitted backrest, so you just need to lie down and enjoy.

While the bottom of the tub is pre-leveled and it has texture to prevent slipping, the reversible drain will give you some tremendous pleasure. With a capacity of 60 gallons and more, you are sure there will be no exposed parts of your body. It is not big enough for two adults, but you will get nice quality for your money.


    Acrylic made with fiberglass reinforcement

    Two shaped armrests and fitted back rest

    Textured bottom prevents slipping

    The reversible drain for more pleasure

    Excellent quality for a decent price

    Limited lifetime warranty


    Not big enough for two persons

    A tricky drain plug assembly

FerdY Bathroom Freestanding Acrylic Soaking Bathtub

white ferdy tub overview


This FerdY soaking tub will fit nicely in a majority of bathrooms with dimensions of 67 x 33 x 23 inches, and it has an overflow which is 13.4 inches high. Made completely from acrylic with some glossy white finish, it will give your body a nice, smooth feeling. The drain is included with a flexible pipe.

The contemporary oval shape will bring a fresh look to your bathroom and capacity of 55 gallons is enough to provide comfort to a whole body. If you decide to buy it, you will need to get tub filler separately.


    Acrylic made with glossy white finish

    Overflow is 13.4 inches high

    The drain is included

    Two years warranty

    Excellent quality for a mid-range price


    Tub filler is not included

    Designed for one person only

AKDY F210 – Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub

akdy f210 side view


Lovely design and great quality are what makes this tub so desirable. It is made fully from acrylic, and with dimensions of 66.9 x 30.5 x 30.5 inches, it will match almost every bathroom. Can keep warm water for an extended period and with a capacity of 79 gallons you can take a bath with your partner or with your child.

Feet are adjustable for leveling, and the drain pipe is also included. The unique self-supporting design will allow you to put this tub, wherever in your bathroom. Tub filler is not included, so you will need to buy it separately.


    Acrylic made and quite deep for better pleasure

    Lovely self-supporting design

    Keeps water warm for an extended period

    High capacity of 79 gallons


    Tub filler is not included

    If you like long baths, you will need to refill

Reliance Whirlpools Center – Freestanding Soaking Tub with Virtual Spout and Deck for Faucet

reliance center tub side view


With this beautiful Reliance Whirlpools’ tub, you will get a nice, cozy soaking of your life. Entirely made from acrylic this luxury soaking tub has a high gloss finish for smooth feeling and texture on the bottom to prevent slipping. It will fit nicely into the most bathrooms with pretty standard dimensions – 66 x 36.75 x 21.75 inches.

The virtual spout is included, and you will get a deck for a faucet. It is a bit pricey tub, but it is durable, and you will get great quality for your money.


    Completely acrylic made with a high gloss finish

    Textured bottom to prevent slipping

    Virtual spout is included

    Deck for faucet

    Stable and durable


    A bit pricey

    Needs to be placed back to the wall


Buying a proper soaking tub will give you more pleasure, and it will refresh your bathroom permanently. But it is not a cheap thing, so you need to choose wisely, and we hope that our list will help you select the best soaking tub for your money.

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