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12 Best Small Soaking Tub Choices For Your Home

gorgeous bathroom with luxury mini bathtub

Rub a dub-dub in which tub should I scrub?

The mini bathtub is a fabulous accessory to have added to your home. Far from the first creation by Scottish-born inventor David Buick, which saw the tub more as a horse trough. Funnily enough, as modern as the bathtub has become, many home owners and collectors have their eyes fixated on the 19th century versions of the bathtub, i.e. the clawfoot tub.

There are now many modern variations of these as well, but when thinking of the soaking tub it is this almost French advert elongated clawfoot bath that comes to mind with bubbles and champagne.

Apart from the fact that an antique clawfoot tub can range anywhere in the region of $2000 and above, there are some incredibly tantalising deep bathtubs available for way, way less, and they might even be ten times more comfortable.

We took a look at some of the most practical, and most beautiful soaking tubs available on Amazon today. We have arranged them in order of size, from the smallest to the largest tubs available, and made sure that they do what they say they do.

We have also added in the prices and allowed you to make up your own mind before you head over to Amazon to purchase your new small tub and become frightened at the price. Most of the items that we have chosen will creep into your heart and change the way that you see tubs for the rest of your life. In fact, we never knew that tub shopping was this much fun!

Best Small Bathtubs 2017

Kingston Brass Mini Soap Bathtub under $25

white kingston tiny tub


This tiny little bath tub soap dish holds up to two soap bars, and looks absolutely adorable in your bathroom. You can use it as a centerpiece, on your bathroom shelf or windowsill and if you’re a budding photographer, it’s simply divine for a photoshoot. It has two ridges inside to keep the soap from falling around.


Even though we could not find anything negative about this adorable tiny tub, it prices around $24, which may or may not be a little hefty for a soap dish. However the ceramic finish of the 7-inch tub is an incredible touch which really is worth the dollar.

Kinro Rectangular Small Soaking Tub

white kinro small soaking tub


It’s gorgeous, practical and portable. It has a right hand drain hole and is 54 inches long. The tub is said to be able to hold up to 300 pounds with no difficulty whatsoever. You could also use this tub wherever, surrounding it with garden like features to feel as though you’re in the forest.


It’s expensive. It’s made of ABS, which on one hand promises durability and a non-skid surface, if you’re going for bath tubs, plastic may not be your thing. The practicality of plastic moving around is far better than ceramic, so it’s really a personal choice. It prices for around $320

Opar Foldable Inflatable Tiny Bath Tub with Air Pump under $100

blue foldable stiny bathtub


It is portable and pretty. It made us think of bubblegum and Barbie. It holds approximately 250L of water and can easily fit into a walk in shower. The price is only $60.86 and for a working bathtub that folds away, it's not too shabby at all.


The small bathtub is bulky and cannot be left out to be seen, it’s a big job to pack away and deflate. It doesn’t go with any of the decor, but for it’s price we guessing you will love its practicality and not worry about its aesthetic appeal. Otherwise, it's not good enough to lie down, if you intend on sitting in the bath and that is all, then this one is for you.

Fine Fixtures Small Acrylic Soaking Bathtub under $600

black acrylic bathtub view


Sturdy with a fine finish to add. It has depth over other tubs in its category and is perfect for a small space in your bathroom or even in your garden as a feature piece. It has a slip resistant surface and the tub has two options for drainage either left or right. Made from acrylic fibreglass and a porcelain finish, it gives you an air of finesse and perfection.

For its retail price of $579.99 and the quality that you get this one is a perfect winner.

Kholer Deep Bathtub under $1200

kohler biscuit small tub


It is a drop in, greek style and it has a beautiful Almond Acrylic finish. The dimensions are 23.38” H x 48”W x 32”D, which means soaking, soaking and some more soaking. You would love this tub, and would probably need to take your book and a glass of wine too. Adding some bubbles to boost the experience. The tub can also be used as a shower by applying a rail above and installing a shower head.


It only holds one adult at a time, so soaking will definitely be done alone. It’s also a 3 wall installation tub. The almond finish put us back over $300 to the added price, so if candlelit almond is your thing, but you don't have the extra dollars, maybe the white will do for a pretty $1261.75

Freestanding Acrylic Deep Bathtub - Durable Choice under $800

white acrylic deep tub


It has a quick installation guide and for those of you like me, a simple DIY helps a lot, especially to save the bathroom from flooding. The installation instructions are easy to understand and in no time you have a bathtub. It is a freestanding tub so if you choose to have it in the middle of the bathroom, which sometimes looks really awesome, you can. It has corrosion resistance and promises twice the industry durability standard. For a durable freestander the tubs retail price is only $780.


The manufacturers warn against a 1 - 3cm difference when delivered. So if you looking for exact sized bathtubs this is definitely not the tub for you.

French Flower Planter Mini Tub under $20

uname micro tub


We love it and we are definitely sure that you will too! It is completely handmade and the packaging is excellent. It’s a magic planter with a French appeal and a bottom hole drainer. This small bathtub planter makes for an excellent gift but we thought it made an even better addition to our fairy garden. Tip: place some baby succulents in them and see how quaint it looks. It’s only $13.99.


Well, you for starters it is not fit for soaking and we wish it was. Further than that we want more of them.

Luxury 54 inch Small Deep Clawfoot Tub under $1100

uname micro tub


It’s vintage and it’s gorgeous. It makes you feel as if you have just stepped into romantic movie and you are the leading star. The clawfoot has always excited us and these feet are perfectly polished on arrival and have a brushed nickel finishing. It looks grand but it’s small and perfect for even the most compact spaces. Not only is this baby made of a durable acrylic but it has been super reinforced with a lightweight fibreglass.

It is time that you soak up in a vintage styled dream bath. We must also note that the tub is made for easy maintenance and its scratch-resistant surface makes sure that it maintains that divine high gloss shimmer. With a 5 year warranty, and a price to match of $1,049 we really had nothing to complain about.


*No complaints as we were soaking.

The Egyptian Foot Soaker under $100

gold egyptian foot bathtub


This is one sexy foot soaker, it’s copper finish even has a mysterious story to tell. This textured foot spa is not only scratch resistant and just mind-blowingly beautiful, it has been hand hammered by an Egyptian copper smith. Yip, it’s got that handmade - each one is different - appeal. The top lip has also been hammered in so that when you carry the bowl filled with water it doesn’t slip, like has happened to me so many times before. We know how good copper is for the treatment of many ailments and so this Egyptian piece of magic gets 5 stars from us.


It retails for $99, which is not expensive at all for the workmanship and the time taken to make each item, but when you see there are only 14 left in stock, you need to hurry.

Pets need to bath too

Pet Portable Bath Tub under $200

white little pet tub


Out of all the fabulous pet bathtubs on offer we had to bring you the flying pig. The basin is made from a heavy duty plastic, and thanks to the stand that comes with the tub, you can walk right around to bathe your pooch. The tub is for small to medium sized dogs, so do not try to let the Husky bath with, it does not work.


It retails for just about $139, and although the entire contraption is fantastic for bathing your beloved dog, the price for plastic and steel is perhaps a little questionable. If you have the money to spend on the bathtub and you want to save your back from bending over those ground level baths, then by all means purchase a flying pig now.

Baby Panda’s are just too cute to ignore

Intex Baby Pool Toy under $10

intex baby pool overview


If you have kids, then you know it’s not easy to find a baby splash pool that’s not that inch too deep or doesn’t have room for you too. Well it’s here and its price is so nice we wanted to buy them all up. It retails for only $6. We must add that the smiling panda did have an affect on our purchasing decision, it’s the cutest panda ever.


Even though the blowup pool is safe enough, the bottom is only one layer of plastic and not inflated at all. This means that the pool is only suitable for beach terrain or extremely soft grass free of sharp stones. Further than that smiling panda is a winner in our eyes.

The Cutest Inflatable Baby Bathtub under $30

blue toddler deep bath


It’s PVC but it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s portable, durable and safe for your little one’s bottom. It looks so comfortable that we wanted to climb in as well, but the bathtub size wouldn’t accommodate an adult, in fact it is more for babies from 1 - 48 months of age. The entire tub folds into a small carry bag and it can fit neatly into your overnight baby bag if you’re intending on a sleepover somewhere.

The great part is hygeine, if you’re going camping and baby is coming with, he/she has their own tub, and there aren’t any creepy crawlies that might show up without you noticing. The price is really a steal for this incredible little tub. It also has a drain plug situated in the bottom of the tub for easy water release. The plug is too difficult for your little one to pull, so there is no need to worry.


We really did not find anything negative to mention about this adorable baby bathtub. It will be a great investment. And where our kids are involved, safety always comes first. So make sure that you purchase one before they are all gone.


Whether it’s the vintage soak that you after for the clawfoot romantic feel or the chic design of the acrylic drop in, we know that you love soaking. The bath tub has indeed left the whole stigma of status behind and now for around $500 you are able to afford a fantastically beautiful mini bathtub to soak away your nights in. If none of these gorgeous tubs excited you as much as they did us make sure to go and see how many more are available out there. We are completely sure that you want the French flower planter too, so head over to Amazon and make sure to get them all before we snatch them up first.

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