Best Non Slip Shower Mat For Seniors 2020 – X Large Stuff

Best Non Slip Shower Mat For Seniors 2020

white rubber non slip shower mat

Here you can find the best non slip bath mats for elderly people. These anti slip shower mats are absolutely top products for seniors in 2020

After you reach a certain age, your motoric functions are not like they used to be and some injuries may occur in the unsafe environment.

The bathroom is one of the places in your house which is seriously hazardous because of the slippery surfaces, and wet shower floors can cause various injuries such as scrapes, bruises, minor cuts, broken bones, hip fractures, and spinal cord.

That’s why you should think about the safety first and consider buying the best bathroom mats that will decrease chances of getting hurt while taking a shower.

What is a non-slip bath mat for elderly? 

The non-slip shower mats are designed to apply them directly to the shower bottom or bathtub, unlike those that are on the floor of the bathroom. Their primary function is to prevent accidents and provide security, and with seniors in the family, the non-slip bath mats for elderly proved to be a great addition to the bathroom.

The benefits of safety bathtub mats

Obviously, the first and the integral advantage of having a non slip mat in your bathroom is safety. The possibility of falling is undoubtedly reduced as they are attached to the bottom of a shower or tub, making the bathing experience more enjoyable.

The next benefit is a comfort. Plenty of shower mats are made of ergonomic texture, which provides nice feeling to the touch and massages the lower body, while they are also suitable for sitting. This type of mats will help you to relax fully, supporting your body and even decrease the pain in your legs and back in the process.

There are numerous non slip bath mat designs on the market at the moment so that you can choose from the variety of shapes and colors.

For those who would like to keep it low profile and avoid the extravagant colors in their bathroom, it is best to opt for the non-color ones, but there are also the multi-colored mats or with print, for those who want to add an exotic touch to the bathroom. 

How to choose the best non-slip shower mat?

First of all, you have to know exactly for what you’re planning to use it, and you can select between the ones for the bath tub mat and the non-slip shower mat. The showering can be a bit problematic for elderly people as they are not flexible and mobile as they used to be, so in the text below, we are giving you some of the best shower mats for elderly you can purchase on the market.

The material is the next thing you should consider when buying the non-slip bath mat, and make sure you pick one that is exclusively created of safe materials.

Obviously, the ones made of natural rubber are the top option for your bathroom, so keep in mind to avoid the mats made from PVC because they can cause health problems due to harmful phthalates. The BPA-free vinyl mats are also one of the reliable options when it comes to choosing proper non-slip mats to increase safety in your bathroom.

You have the possibility of selecting between the traditional square-shaped mats or oval and round ones. Because the design comes last, you don’t have to opt for colorful and printed mats. As long it does a good job of making you safe, you can always pick the standard rectangle mats instead of the eye-catching ones.

Best Non Slip Bath Mats For Elderly 2020

We spend some time in researching and testing the best shower mats for seniors in order to help our elderly and reduce the risks of getting injured while taking a shower. These are the three best we found on the market today:

Gorilla Grip Bath Mat For Disabled

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This is a bath mat with hundreds of suction cups to ensure that it is firmly held on a smooth surface. It doesn’t attach well on other surfaces like tiled, non-smooth, and textured. Its size is amazingly big enough to completely cover the tub. This mat also features small holes that promote easy water circulation to prevent mold and mildew growth.

In addition, it is anti-bacterial, non-toxic, resistant to mildew, latex-free, phthalate free, and without any toxic smell. Good news is that it is machine washable. You simply have to put it in your washing machine with a mild detergent and air-dry it. This is why it’s so suitable for seniors. Avoid using harsh detergents like bleach as they may damage the mat.

[su_label type=”success”]Pros[/su_label]:

  • It is very clean and durable
  • It easily attaches on a clean smooth surface
  • No mildew can grow on it
  • It has a perfect drainage
  • It is safe for seniors

[su_label type=”important”]Cons[/su_label]:

  • It only attaches to clean smooth surfaces
  • A fall may result if the suction cups are not well secured

XL Bath Shower Mat by Vive – Safe Bathroom Rug For Elderly

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This mat is very suitable for any age; starting from kids to the elderly person. It is large enough to cover the whole surface. This is an important feature as it reduces slips and falls. People that have balance issues can also use this mat comfortably.

It has many small holes to ensure a good drainage for traction and stability. It also has a lightly textured surface that contributes to its stability. It has 200 suction cups that hold it tightly on the floor to prevent sliding. It attaches very well on clean, smooth surfaces.

This mat is constructed using eco-friendly materials. It is latex-free and does not have a toxic smell. It is very easy to clean. Simply use cold water and a mild soap in a washing machine. Regular cleaning helps to remove soap and oil buildup in the holes.

[su_label type=”success”]Pros[/su_label]:

  • It is machine-washable
  • It is durable
  • It is large enough to cover the whole bath tub and minimize sliding
  • It is safe to use
  • It is suitable for all ages and the disabled

[su_label type=”important”]Cons[/su_label]:

  • It doesn’t attach on non-smooth surfaces

E-More Non-slip Washable Bath Tub Mat

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It is large enough, covering the whole surface to prevent sliding. It is easy to fold, carry around, and store. It has an extra long beautiful design with a crystal clear color. This is an amazing complement to the interior bathroom décor.

With hundreds of suction cups, the mat is able to firmly stick on the surface for stability. It is also anti-bacterial and can easily adapt to different temperatures without deforming. Many holes on this mat make water drainage possible. This helps to prevent water and soap buildup.

It requires gentle washing with a mild soap, cold water, and drying by air. Rinsing after every use is recommended to promote cleanliness. Also, make sure you thoroughly clean the surface to get rid of dirt, oil, soap, and debris before attaching the mat.

[su_label type=”success”]Pros[/su_label]:

  • It is durable
  • It is machine washable
  • It has a good drainage system
  • It is suitable for bathrooms, bathtubs, and kitchen.
  • It is foldable
  • It is eco-friendly

[su_label type=”important”]Cons[/su_label]:

  • It only attaches well to clean smooth surfaces

Deluxe Square Non Slip Shower Mat by SlipX Solutions

black square non slip shower mat

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This high-quality vinyl designed shower mat will fit into any bathroom perfectly, thanks to its 21”x21” standard square shape. The transparent color is another great feature as it will not attract the attention, while it also comes with a drainage hole, so you don’t have to worry about drainage interruption.

This deluxe shower mat is created to hold firm on the bottom, increasing the safety thanks to its suction cups. Although you can sense the plastic smell at first, the best thing you can do to get rid of it is to wash it in a washing machine, and you can use it for years to come.

[su_label type=”success”]Pros[/su_label]:

    Excellent water drainage

    Well packaged, fast delivery

    It is machine washable

    It stays firm thanks to the suction cups

    Gives a pleasant sensation to your feet

[su_label type=”important”]Cons[/su_label]:

    The size could be a bit larger

    Unpleasant odor

Round Non Slip Bath Mat by SlipX Solutions

blue round rubber non slipping mat

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Unlike the square shaped one, this shower mat is for the people who don’t like sharp edges and strict lines as it is designed in a round shape with a round drainage hole in the middle. The bottom of the mat is equipped with round suction cups for maximum safety, while it’s also decorated with several ornate circles.

It is made of high-quality vinyl, and the dimension is 23″ in diameter. You shouldn’t have problems with maintenance as it can be left to hang and dry in order to prevent creating of mold. Also, the durable vinyl can withstand washing in the machine, so you can get it clean in no time.

[su_label type=”success”]Pros[/su_label]:

    The surface is slip resistant

    Great drainage system

    Lightweight and easy to clean

    It stays firmly on the bottom

[su_label type=”important”]Cons[/su_label]:

    The chemical smell

    Not a right fit for larger showers

Shower Mat by Vive

white non slip pad with drain hole

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With the size of 22”x22”, this shower mat is bigger than the common ones you can find on the market, while its softness provides a fantastic feel to your feet. The water drainage is smooth thanks to the 6” round hole, and a firmmer grip is guaranteed with 116 suction cups for extra protection.

It is made of latex-free rubber, and what’s more appealing, it comes with an anti-microbial component that will minimize the appearance of pathogenic microorganisms. Unlike the previous shower mats we tested, this one does not have an unpleasant odor.

[su_label type=”success”]Pros[/su_label]:


    Great functionality thanks to 116 suction cups

    Quite comfortable to the feet

    It stops the sliding

    Excellent size

[su_label type=”important”]Cons[/su_label]:

    It can curl up at the edges


Showering is a pleasant way to relax and maintain personal hygiene, but it can also be dangerous as you can slip and sustain an injury if not careful enough. That’s why we provide a list of best shower mats you can purchase online and thus prevent the bruises and broken bones, which cab happen to the elderly person in our home.

Make sure you read the article thoroughly and feel free to use our advice in selecting the bath mat that is the most suitable for your bathroom.

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