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Best Sheds To Buy in 2017: Review and Guide

how to choose the best shed for your needs

Choosing a best buy shed is a tough thing to do I agree.

Or is it?

There are mainly only 3 types of sheds that you can buy: plastic, wooden and metal so get through this article to help yourself out.


Yes sheds can be made of plastic. These are the most economic one amongst the all categories. The size of these sheds may vary according to your need and you can store your other stuff inside the shed as well.

Plastic sheds are really easy to maintain and you can install them with no such expertise. These can be really server well for your household and yards.


Metal sheds are probably the mostly used sheds all over the world. They can be the best thing a household can get and in the long run they can be your best solution.

Although people like to use the wooden sheds also, but the metal sheds have 2 main advantages which the wooden sheds do not have, they are durable and affordable too.

Metal sheds can give you a better performance in the long run, even in the extreme conditions as well. Probably these are the reason why metal is really gaining its popularity.

Wood Sheds

Wood is the oldest of the material used to build the sheds. The base is very much strong and you can get it in different shape and size as well. You can even paint your shed to match the color of your house or factory.

The wooden look is also a plus point for the wooden sheds. As because these are sturdy and strong, they can really stand against the extreme weather conditions.

Although you will need to check the sheds regularly to make sure that you maintain them well. You can paint it according to your choice but before that choosing the proper wood is necessary and that is not really an easy task

Few tips before buying a shed

  • You need to know why do you need the storage for.
  • You need to pick the size of your shed so that you can negotiate on the total amount as well.
  • Choose the shed material wisely
  • Security of a shed is a must and you need to consider that as well.
  • Read the manual to understand how you should maintain your shed.
  • Choose a suitable place where you can set up your shed.
  • Choose the color of your shed matching the house color

Best sheds for the money on the market in 2017

Well this is actually our personal list but for your convenience we have listed pros and cons to help you out: 

Keter Store-It-Out MIDI shed

Keter woodland plastic shed

This is an outdoor storage with the wood looking texture. The available color is also a neutral one that can go with any place. The storage capacity is good and you can use them throughout the whole year. Space and material is very much important and this outdoor storage shed gives you the best quality amongst the best sheds in the market.


  • This shed is made of steel reinforcement & polypropylene plastic and this is the reason why this shed is durable.
  • It has a capacity of 27.4 cu.ft.
  • It has in-built support for shelf.
  • Two of the 32-gallon trash cans can be stored inside this shed.
  • You can get the support shelf separately


  • Some of the users found the shed leaking a bit.

Suncast BMS3200 shed

suncast bms3200 brown plastic shed

If you make a list of the best sheds, this one comes in the 2nd position. The storage floor is quite sturdy, so you surely can choose to store some of your heavy items inside it. The doors are robust and the hardware used are metal that gives the maximum level of security to your belongings inside. The texture on the exterior is wood type. You can open both door to use it easily and quickly. This is a long lasting shed that you can use for long time.


  • Thick wall construction which makes it durable
  • You can open double door.
  • Doors are robust and have metal hardware.
  • Floor is very much sturdy which allows you to keep weighty items on them.
  • You can assemble it quickly and you do not need any kind of expertise for that


  • According to some user they had difficulties to put it up
  • The construction is not at par according to the users
  • This shed might not stand a chance against rain and it can get contracted or expanded depending on the weather.
  • Not much sturdy to keep loads of heavier items inside it.

The YardStash III Outdoor Storage

The YardStash bicycle outdoor shed green

This outdoor shed is perfect for you to keep the bike inside. This shed is made out of vinyl tarpaulin and polyester. It can protect your stuff from dust and water. If store other things inside this shed, you can be sure of that pests won’t be a problem for you. This shed can stand in any weather condition and you can use the zipper to close the items inside. It can also save some amount spacing as well. With the zipper from top t bottom, it becomes much easier to use this shed and putting things inside and taking things out becomes a lot quicker.


  • You can keep loads of things inside including garden tools, kid’s toys, pool equipments, bicycles etc.
  • The shed is really space saving and it can protect your belongings from any kind of water and dust.
  • The zipper system makes it easier to use and also seals the door completely which stops the pests, dust and water outside.
  • The polyester material used is good enough to stand against any weather condition.
  • Set up is very easy, you might not need any kind of help for this one.


  • According to some of the users it might not be as sturdy as it looks and the material can get torn very soon as well.
  • This does not stand against heavy rains and you might have some leakages as well

If you are handy man you can also build your own shed, check the video below for how to guide:

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So, if you are really looking to buy the best sheds for the money it should not be a problem to find a suitable one for sure. You need to make sure that it matches the quality and performance that you are looking for and also it is affordable for you. And the last thing is to consider the best place to buy sheds. This is just a precaution in case buying the shed goes wrong and you need to make exchanges.

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