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Top 6 Comfortable Sectional Sleeper Sofas For The Money

  • September 11, 2017

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white comfortable leather sectional sleeper sofa bed

For the economy buffs out there who believe that two items for the same price is better than one, a sectional sleeper sofa might just be the way to go for. These sectional couches  you can sleep on combine the practicality of space economy with stylish design.

Sleeper sofas are designed to give us three easy functionalities – sitting, sleeping and storing away.

I have a crowded home that requires economic use of space, and my comfortable sofa bed sectional helps me accommodate a mattress in my living room space, without compromising on the aesthetic or decor.

If you have crowded space too, this kind of product is a must have!

What to look for when buying sleeper sectional?

There are four things you definitely need to consider before you decide on the product of your choice.

Colour & Style

As with any other furniture purchase, this is a consideration that you cannot avoid, and especially if you are someone who desires a home looking as stylish as it is functional.

Your decor colour theme should go with the colour of couch that you are planning to buy. Sectional sleeper beds come in many different colour options and you can choose from classic to vibrant colours to match your style.

Style is just as important, depending on the theme you have going with your decor – Traditional or Contemporary, Ethnic, Coastal, Country, European or Oriental.

Space & Shape

You are going for a sectional sleeper because you want to make maximum use of space or you have little space to begin with. Get your space considerations right before you decide on the shape.

Sleeper couches come in L, J and U shapes and rie r symmetrical shapes.

You might not want the rie r U shape when you have severe restrictions for space in your living room.

Material & Design

Sleeper sofas are made mainly with fabric and leather. Each gives a different look and feel, with the different variations of these materials used in the sofa.

Choose a tough material that requires less maintenance if you have less time to spend on maintenance. Or a more luxurious material if you have the time!

Sleeping or Sitting

Finally consider the primary purpose for which you are buying this product. If you are going to use it as a regular sleeping space, you should look into the type, size and comfort of the mattress that comes with the sleeper.

Choose a plush, comfortable and sizable mattress if you are going to use it as a regular sleeping space.

Either way, ensure that the pull-out feature of the bed is easy to use.

6 Best Sectional Sleeper Sofa Reviews For 2017

This reviews will give you an idea of what are your top choices to buy on the market today.

Westport Home Serta Chester Sectional Sleeper Sofa

This pocket friendly couch is perhaps one of the best sectional sofa for the family with its wide berth. It comes with a Chaise that can be placed on the left or right.

It converts to a high-quality queen size bed at night for a comfortable sleep.

With individual encased coils and memory foam to ensure you maximum comfort, it is ideal for both seating and sleeping. It has a pull-out feature that’s easy to use.

The Westport Home Serta Chester uses premium java-coloured suede fabric. It has plenty of storage space and boasts sturdy construction that ensures durability.

The customer ratings had been overwhelming on this one, and is one of the highest ranking (#91) Sectional Sleeper in the sofas & couches category.

US Pride Furniture Kachy Fabric Convertible

This is perhaps one of the cheapest but highest rated sleeper sectionals in the market. For the space-constrained living room this is a perfect choice, without compromising on the style quotient of your decor.

US Pride Sectional Sleeper is fabric upholstered, easy to clean wood framework piece that is comfortable for seating but sleeping can be little stiff on this one, with thinner, PVC foam mattress.

If your primary purpose is seating and sleeping is left to rare occasions, this one is a great choice.

Customer reviews are equally great on this one, for one that is fit for small living rooms.

The classic gray upholstery goes well with any decor but may need a bit of cleaning if you have kids around.

Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Sofa Bed

Yet another highly rated sectional sleeper couch that is ideal for the medium to large living room spaces. With Plush seat and back cushions and track arms, this one is very comfortable for seating as well as sleeping.

The sectional is a bit firm and if you prefer firm to soft, this is the choice for you. But an additional feather bed to the mattress might be necessary if you plan to use it for regular sleeping.

Its pull-out mechanism is easy and smooth with plenty of storage in the chaise.

The upholstery is high quality fabric that fits with the more sombre decor; it has a Gray-brown colour that adds a bit of earthy feel to the room. They are easy to clean and maintain.

The greatest thing about it is that, it is perhaps one of the easiest ones to assemble.

Black/Brown Clubber Sleeper Sectional Sofa

The Clubber sleeper comes with a higher price tag, but with a reason.

With the top quality cotton polyester blend fabric, nylon stitching and high density foam, it is one of the most comfortable and stylishly designed beds out there. It has a queen sized bed that is comfortable and firm to sleep on – regularly too if you have to.

The build is sturdy with stainless steel hinges and a kiln dried hardwood frame and the workmanship looks great in any elegant setting.

If the black-brown colour goes well with your decor this is the product for you.

Container Furniture Modern Fabric Sofa Bed

This is one of the most stylish sleeper beds with refined craftsman ship and brown fabric cover that snugly fits into your stylish interior!

This product is the ideal size for the medium living space with sturdy wooden framework and high density PVC Foam cushioning. You perhaps can even use it for a bit of regular sleeping on the couch. Your guests would certainly love it.

It’s one of the cheaper options out there, that doesn’t compromise on quality.

It requires some assembly but it is easy and the pull-out action is smooth and fast.

A perfect buy for the stylish home, but some careful maintenance maybe in order!

America Charlton Contemporary Corner Sectional

The American Charlton comes with a contemporary style that fits fantastically well in all the modern households. Upholstered in gray fabric, this one goes perfectly with the decor of your living room.

Maintaining high quality with solid wood and veneer framework, this one is a great addition to your fashionable furniture.

If you have need for extra storage space, this one comes equipped with that too.

The queen sized bed is made of high density foam; this one is great as a sectional sofa or as a makeshift bed for your guest.

Easy assembly and easy pull-out action makes it one of my favourite reviews of the lot.

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Wish you a Good Night’s Sleep!

Make the ideal pick for your living space; it’s good that you have considered space, comfort and economy before you made your choice.

Now, all that’s left for you to do is have a good night’s sleep.


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