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Top 3 Best Rat Poisons For Outdoors on The Market Today

  • September 5, 2017

brown rat outside the house

If you ask me, I will tell you the most irritating experience one can encounter around the house is infestation by rats.

Rats multiply very fast, especially if they get a chance to breed. It takes just a pair of common brown rats to produce as many as 2,000 rodents in a single year if allowed to breed unchecked and before you know it, they are everywhere in your kitchen, bedroom, garage, and your trucks doing one damage or the other.

How To Deal With Rats

The best things you can do the moment you spot these rats roaming around your house or any signs of their existence there is dealing with them immediately.

The use of rat traps is no longer advisable as these unwanted creatures have become too clever and smart for these traps. However, a better way to deal with these creatures is to use rat poisons.

Rat poisons offer a 100% guarantee and have turned out to be a certain method for getting rid of household rats both indoors and outdoors.

How do you choose the best rat poison?

Looking at the way rats now outsmart other methods to get rid of them like setting traps, it appears the best and most guaranteed method to act against these small unwanted visitors and leave them all dead is to use rat poisons and baits against them.

This method also kills more rats compared to using traps because when a single rat consumes the poison, others will also join in sharing the bait. However, when choosing the type of poison to use, certain things have to be considered.

  1. You should check to see if the poison is only toxic to the rats or also has effects on other creatures like your domestic pets and other wildlife. That will help you decide if you will be going for such poison or opt for an alternative.
  2. You should also consider how much of the poison can kill the rats at a feeding and how long will it will take. That will enable you to know how much of the poison you will need to get to completely eliminate the rats in your house.
  3. Rat poisons should also be placed in strategic spots that are easily accessible to the rats to feed on.

Best Rat Poison For Outdoors

Having many types and brands of rat poison to choose from, this will obviously be a good guide to help you pick the best:

1. The Motomco Tomcat Rat Poison

Tomcat Bait Chunx Pail 4 LB
List Price: $35.95
Price: $32.65
You Save: $3.30
Price Disclaimer

When we talk about killer bait stations, this rat poison holds a very important position. It is perfect for use both indoor and outdoor with guaranteed efficiency and minimal risks, thanks to its clever design which makes it resistant to extreme weather conditions.

The Motomco Tomcat poison is an all weather poison capable of attracting all kinds of rats from their hiding places to come eat of the poison. By just consuming a small amount of this substance, it’s able to kill the rats instantly allowing you to only use a small portion of it to eliminate all the rats in your home.

Another intriguing characteristic about this rat poison is that it is refillable and kills rats without affecting your pets in any way even if they managed to ingest it by accident.

2. D-Con Mouse Prufe II 4 Pack

D-Con Mouse Prufe II 4 Pack - 1.5 oz each
List Price: $119.68
Price: $119.68
Price Disclaimer

This mouse poison comes with a unique wedge form shape which reduces messiness during placement and also fits well into hard-to-reach areas or spots. Another interesting thing about this rat poison is that it contains a unique form of poison formulated to kill all the warfarin-resistant rats that usually are known to develop immunity against a wide range of rat poisons after several generations.

As a matter of fact, the rat poison will eliminate the rats inside and around your house in just a few minutes after consuming them.

3. MOTOMCO Jaguar Mouse and Rat Bait

Motomco Jaguar Mouse and Rat Bait Chunx/Pail, 9-Pound
List Price: $74.95
Price: $54.69
You Save: $20.26
Price Disclaimer

As much as this rat poison kills rats quickly, it is also known to be non-toxic, therefore, making it 100% safe for you, your pets, or other wildlife. The poison is made in the United States from natural ingredients such as vegetables and cereals making it a natural bait for the rats.

At just a feeding, it kills the rats by coating the rat’s stomach lining as well as preventing the rats from drinking water by deleting their memory thus making them forget to drink water.

After the consumption of this poison, it makes the rat dehydrated for as long as two days thus causing a blood thickening. It also disrupts the circulatory system of the rat dragging it into a coma and finally kills it. You also wouldn’t need to bother about the bad smell that may want to come from the rat after its death as the poison also has a mummification process that helps in eliminating that. However, it’s advisable you keep every food sources away after setting this poisonous bait.

Conclusively, you can agree with me that rats are very nuisance to human as they are capable of causing various damages and as well deprive you of your sleep as they run up and down at night. And that’s the main reason you shouldn’t hesitate to get rid of them quickly immediately you noticed them around your home.

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