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Best Outdoor Solar Lanterns 2017 Reviews

  • January 23, 2017
hanging outdoor solar lights

A beautiful garden is a cherished part of any home.

It’s cosy, calm, and people love together and socialize there.

But at night it disappears into the darkness. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the beauty of your garden anytime.

This is why we reviewed the best outdoor solar lanterns so you can do your backyard landscaping.

Why Solar Lights?

Outdoor lighting used to be quite the problem for homeowners. Not only could they be expensive but you used to need to pay an electrician to come out and run the electricity to the lights.

Luckily we are no longer living in the solar dark ages and solar lighting is an economical, stylish, and effective option for anyone’s garden.

The first step to finding the perfect outdoor lantern is to determine your needs, style, and the degree of effort you want to put in. Once you’ve decided that there’s an immense amount of products available for you to choose from.

Best Outdoor Solar Lanterns for DIY Master

Solar Serenity Light Jar

solar serenity light jar

Yinghao Waterproof Solar Lantern

Yinghao warm white solar lantern

If you love DIY projects solar lighting is an excellent option for you as it is easily customizable.

Two very popular projects are to make a solar chandelier or a solar lamp post.

Re-purposing an old chandelier and attaching solar lights to it is an easy way to make a solar chandelier.

The lamppost is made by imbedding a post in cement and attaching the lights to that.

Here are images to give you some ideas:

solar chandelier diy

source: homejelly

solar lamp post diy
solar lamp post diy 1

source: lifeonlakeshoredrive

The question still stands, which solar lanterns do you use in this project?

There are a number of popular options for lanterns that will work for this project. One of the highest rated is the solar powered light jar by Solar Serenity.

It has a great rustic-whimsy about it, and will match those DIY mason jar centerpieces you made perfectly. It has a five star rating on and at $24.90 it’s reasonably priced.

However it is not sold in a multipack so keep that in mind when you’re deciding on what you want for your project. User reviews rave about the appearance of the light and how easy to use the product is.

Another popular and five star rated option is the YINGHAO warm white vintage waterproof solar powered lantern.

These are elegant box lanterns that add style to any garden. Besides the five star ratings for this product’s reasonable price of $43.85 for a four pack is another key selling point.

While some lanterns charge automatically these need to have the button turned on in order to charge though none of the user reviews mentioned this being problematic. Users were incredibly happy with the project and love that it looks like a real candle.

Top Solar Lanterns for Seasonal Redecorator

Solar String Yimia 8

yimia modes solar lights

MPOWERD Lusi Color

mpowerd luci color solar lights

The seasonal redecorator loves to make sure their garden looks Pinterest worthy for every season. So they aren’t looking for a permanent lighting solution.

Rather they want a product that will look good and seasonally appropriate but will be easy to take down and store until it’s time to shine comes again. Two very highly rated products stood out when perusing Amazon.

The first is the Solar String Lights Outdoor Yimia 8 Modes 50 LED 7m flower blossoms.

These string lights are festive addition to any spring or summer garden. Like the other products on this list they also have a five star rating and customers are happy with the easy set up.

The lights are powered by a small spike with the solar panel attached and can be displayed in a variety of ways.

With a price of $6.99 this is a great purchase. There are other chic sets of solar string lights that you can swap out for fall and winter though these were a standout.

Another great option is colored collapsible lights. The MPOWERED Luci Colored – Color-Changing Inflatable Solar Light has a 4.5 star rating and is the perfect way to create a customizable look.

These are inflatable and waterproof so hanging them from a string, letting them float in your pool, or placing them around your garden are all viable display options.

With eight different color modes plus a color changing option you can change the look not just based on season but to match your tablecloth. At $18.30 you won’t break your bank in pursuit of perfect lighting.

Best Solar Lanterns for The Outdoorsy Traditionalist

Hatori Led Rechargeable Lantern

hatori led solar lantern

Tradition is not something to balk at when decorating.

Flowers or modern art are good for some people but you like things simple, sleek, and practical. You need your purchases to withstand conditions and be durable enough to last for more than just one season.

You want a lantern to look like a lantern, and if you are outdoorsy that means a good old fashioned camping lantern.

Something that will bathe your yard in light, and look good while doing so, but can just as easily come with you on a camping trip. Luckily there are a lot of options available to you that are stylish and practical.

The Hatori LED Solar Rechargeable Camping Lantern is chic and practical.

As useful on a campaigning trip as it is hanging in your backyard. The Hatori lamp comes in both Black and Copper. It stands upright on it’s own but it can be hung from lights for a more whimsical look.

With a five star rating it is extremely reliable. Customers praised it for the brightness of the light emitted (don’t worry if you wasn’t something more subtle there is a dimmer). It also has the added advantage of being able to charge your cellphone in case of an emergency.

It’s also waterproof so you can leave it outside without worrying about the weather. Though at $9.99 it would be easy to replace, or as is more likely the case, buy more than one!


There are lots of great options available to consumers in terms of solar lanterns, which means you can really customize your purchase to your personal aesthetic and the specific needs of your garden.

Plus you get to do so with the comfort of knowing that you are making an eco friendly choice. One thing to be wary of is a lot of customers lamented having a “solar lighting addiction” and luckily there are lots of product to satisfy that needs.

If you are happy with the solar lanterns don’t feel like you are limited. There are solar light planters, and garden path lights, light orbs, everything you could hope for. So bathe your garden in light as beautiful as it is and enjoy your yard at any hour.

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