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How to Choose The Best Orchard (Tripod) Garden Ladder: 2017 Guide

  • January 24, 2017
apple harvesting on the ladder

A tripod ladder is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get yourself or the gardener you know.

Not only is this a great tool for pruning and shaping trees and maintenance of the garden, but an equally great tool for working inside the home.

When you are accessing the most difficult, high, and risky places you would badly need the best tripod garden ladder.

It may be loft, the water tank above the roof, the fence top or border walls in case of high borders etc. Gardeners would understand the importance and utility of the gardening ladder instantly when they take a look at the unique shape and style of the ladder.

The garden ladder’s unique design would impress you immediately. The first picture that would come to your mind on seeing it is stability and support.

Best Orchard Ladder for Your Garden

We think that these ladders will satisfy the majority of gardeners - they are just perfect top tripod ladders of 2017.

Louisville FT

Louisville Ladder FT1008 brown

Why orchard garden ladders are so special?

It’s the shape of the ladder which brings its specialty - stability.

If you carefully look at it, you would see that it has a special tripod style shape. The base of the ladder is much wider than ordinary ladders which are used for electric line works and other construction purposes.

This ladder is original firstly because of its wide base, which together with the separate supporting legs, gives it the shape, style and looks of a tripod. That is why the ladder is also known as the tripod garden ladder.

A tripod offers great stability because of the three legs which are ladder standoff (stabilizer) spaced as far as possible at equal distances.

Due to this architecture anything that is hung or kept at the top of a tripod would stay stabilized and secure and won’t drop. 

Problems you have to face daily in absence of the tripod ladder

If you keenly look at the problems you face everyday while doing job at home or garden you would know why the prunning garden ladder can be your best friend at work.

  • Do you feel like you have little balance while you are on the steps of the ladder?
  • Do you often face this fear at the back of your mind that you may trip off the ladder any moment? Is it the same reason that you avoid or are afraid to go up the higher steps on the ladder?
  • ​Is your ladder too heavy and leaves your back aching after you carry and handle it?
  • ​When you spread the ladder legs on earth or floor, do you fear it to skid or trip anytime?
  • Is the space on the ladder step too little to accommodate the entire length and breadth of your feet?

If you are facing any or all of the above problems and fears, then you are not comfortable working with your current ladder. These problems come with the instability associated with the conventional ladders, which does not have a wide base and a manageable light weight.

Orchard Ladder Pros and Cons

Imagine how easy working and gardening can be with the orchard garden ladder when you can get the following:

  • Great ladder leveler base which ensures strong skid proof and trip proof stability.
  • Broad and balanced ladder steps that give enough room for feet on all the levels. You may stand hours on it without getting tired or losing your balance.
  • ​Rails on the sides of the ladder to hold and maintain balance.
  • ​Extreme light weight makes lifting and carrying the ladders a one man job, and really easy on your back bone. Do not go by the apparent sizes of these ladders. They are as light, as they are big, and as strong as they are light weight.
  • Waterproof material usage and coating ensures a long life.

With all these advantages, if you once get used to the best orchard (tripod) garden ladder you won’t ever get comfort and satisfaction in life from any other ordinary ladder.

What is not so good:

  • It’s big, and therefore you will have to look for a safe and good spot to store it. And needless to say it will take some space in storage.
  • Being primarily a horticultural ladder, it can withstand sunlight, weather and moisture. But when not in use it has to be kept folded in shade for a longer life.


The much required peace of mind, assurance of total body balance, total stability of ladder, and a comfortable working environment is what you get with the tripod garden ladder.

And you badly need it to stop compromising labor and concentration at work. Whether you are mending the boundary wall, or busy in your horticultural maintenance, or working on the exterior walls of the house or interior lofts etc, you have to ensure safety for yourself.

Louisville FT

Louisville Ladder FT1008 brown

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