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Best Mattress Pad: 2018 Reviews and Buying Guide

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Ever thought, what is it that relieves you the most after your hard day at work?

Yes! You got it right. You need the much earned sleep after that heavy work load you just accomplished.

What more?

Check that you have the right mattress and the mattress pad for the purpose. Your mattress pad takes that extra pressure of giving you added comfort that your mattress would not be able to. It has slowly made its place in the bedrooms with providing extra cushion when needed.

Mattress Pad Reviews of 2018

Mattress pad prices have their say while deciding on which one to buy. The mattress pads could be bought for as less an amount as $30 to a high rate of $2000. So your purpose and the budget also contribute to the purchase. A thin cotton mattress pad could cost very less. A synthetic material would be good but may not be comfortable. The latex pads are again high on the rates. The high end memory foam mattress pad provides you cushion and supports your body but is quite an investment. It may hurt your pocket.

Snuggle-Pedic Pad

This mattress pad is made up of soft 4lb density memory foam that adapts to any body type. The firmer 5 lb density layer provides extra support to the shoulders and the hips of the sleeper. This is considered an ideal mattress pad for pregnant women. The other features include – Hypo allergic and dust/mite resistance; easy to move and carry; a total weight of 21.6 pounds.

It is available in six sizes – Twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. The price ranges between $150- $250.

2 inch double layer topper for back pain

Hanna Kay Stretch-to-Fit

The quality of the construction of the mattress pad has been given umpteen importances in this case which gives the confidence to the manufacturers to give out a 10 years warranty on the item. The knitted polyester sides can be stretched to fit the mattress properly. It has a cushioned quilted platform with hypoallergenic fill. It is breathable which makes it quite comfortable at nights. It can be cleaned easily and can be machine washed and dried as well.

It is available in two sizes only – Twin and Queen.

best waterproof mattress protector white

Exceptional Sheets Plush Cooling

The extra plush mattress pads are a little expensive for the pockets but are still quite liked by people across US. The bamboo blend at the top quilted platform regulates the temperature while you are dozing off. It is filled with hypoallergenic alternative to down. Each pad is filled with Revoloft fiber. The backing consists of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. If you are looking for a comfortable, soft, breathable and high quality mattress pad, there is no way, you can miss this one. It is a perfect thing for them who have their kids and pet and also for people who are allergic or have Asthma.

It is available in six sizes - Twin, twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King

best cooling mattress pad

Sunbeam All Season Premium Heated

Now that’s the one that would make you feel in a luxurious mattress. The 100% quilted 250TC cotton top is the perfect match for a 21 inches deep mattress. It comes with 10 heat settings and the preheating feature. The auto-off control switches off the heating after 10 hours. It can be easily cleaned in the machine. The manufacturers give a 5 years warranty on the item.

best heated mattress pad

Pinzon Basics Overfilled Microplush

This highly comfortable mattress pad is sewn with soft micro plush fabric. The pad is said to be over filled with 100% polyester fill for the extra comfort. The end to end box stitching with mitered borders does not allow any shifting from the mattress while you are sleeping. The deep pockets fit perfectly with the mattress.

It is available for all mattress sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King

best mattress topper for side sleepers

Master Gel Memory Foam Mattress Pad

The mattress pad gives you a silk and smooth feeling that relaxes you while you lie on it. The 100% cotton top with the classic dot design is a sateen jacquard fabric. The high quality 300 thread count cotton has been used to give a good feel. It is ranked as a great mattress pad for the guest beds. It can be washed in the machines.

It is available for all mattress sizes and is also affordable. However, this mattress pad though sufficiently covers the mattress; it still does not give that extra support needed to the sleeper.

best mattress protector for memory foam

Hospitology Heavenly

This mattress pad is the choice when you consider both durability and comfort for the purchase. The pad is good enough to accommodate even the larger mattresses. The 100% polyester filling with the hypoallergenic properties makes one feel very comfortable. The filling does not shift after usage due to the box stitching of the mattress pad. Supersoft Brushed Microfiber Polyester Shell repels stains.

It is available for all the mattress sizes.

best mattress for arthritis

SPA Luxury DOW777MP0090

As the name suggests, the mattress pad provides the extra comforts of extra thick plush sleeping surface to enjoy the sleep though at a far cheaper price than its competitors. Nearly 17 ounces of filling is done per square yards of the pad. The best part of the mattress pad is that it can be easily put on and taken off the mattress. The well made infinity skirt fits all the mattresses. This 8 pound mattress pad can be used even with the feather beds.

However the mattress pad could be a little uncomfortable at nights as it gets slightly heated up due to the over fillings.

good cooling mattress topper

Utopia Bedding

This mattress pad figures out to be the right choice when you are on budget and want a reassuring sleep as well as a protection for the mattress. Though a nice product for the sensitive skin, you would still not like it if you desire for a super plush padding. The nicely knitted skirt can be stretched to fit up to 16 inch deep mattresses. The elastic in the sides does not allow slippage or sliding from the mattress. The pad protects the mattress from dust, mites, and allergens and of course the stains. It is a low maintenance mattress pad. It is easily cleaned in the washing machine and can be left to tumble dry.

The mattress comes with a slight chemical smell and needs to be aired properly before putting it to use. The full size dimensions of the mattress pad measure 54 inches by 75 inches.

best mattress pad for stomach sleepers

Abit Comfort AC-PQ1

This mattress pad is the answer when you are too tight on your budget and need a protection for the mattress immediately. It is the best in protecting your mattress from dust mites, fluids, urine, perspiration, allergens and bacteria. The soft platform is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. The back is a woven material. The soft platform can be stretched to fit the mattresses up to 18 inches deep. The elastic band on the sides secures the perfect fit and does not allow any sliding. It fits well on thin mattresses.

However it does not give that extra plush that you may want to have for a nice sleep. Still it is a good buy if you do not want to spend too much immediately.

best budget mattress protector

Buyer's Guide

The mattress protector serves its purpose of protecting the mattress from body fluids and sweat, bed bugs, spilled beverages and allergens. The mattress topper can be cleaned either at home or at the dryers depending on the material it has been made up of. So it achieves the dual purpose of shielding your mattress as well as giving you that extra comfort while you relax and relieve your body stress.

Deciding on the purchase

Buying the mattress pad on your own could be a little bewildering with so many choices available in the market. Your sleeping habits and your bed size does decide the size, style and the thickness of the mattress pad. However, you still need to consider the following before you zero in on a purchase for your bedroom.


First things first. Question yourself why you need the mattress pad? Is it only for the mattress protection; is it for the dual purpose or is it because you do not want to invest on a new mattress and want to cover your torn or damaged one?

The purpose will help you in deciding on the material fill of the mattress protector. You will have to invest on the memory foam if you want one that cushions and supports your body. Whereas, a natural fiber material gives you more comfort as it cools you at night. 



Cotton is the most absorbent natural material available. And as people want to protect the mattresses from spills, baby urine, beverages and such other fluids, cotton is regarded the most widely used material in the mattress pads. Cotton mattress pads efficiently cover for the high and low spots of the mattresses and machine washable. Unfortunately, it is not the thing for the sleepers who need that extra support on bed while sleeping. Further frequent washings degrade the quality.


The mattress pads made of synthetics materials like the rayon and the nylon can be considered as better protectors of the mattresses as far as repelling fluids are concerned. Many synthetic materials also trap allergens and bed bugs. So in many ways synthetics are a step ahead in protecting the mattresses. However these materials are not for the sleeper. These are not breathable and often create discomforts to the sleeper.


The mattress protector with wool as content are cooler and give a nice feeling to the sleeper in the warm months. These are also effective in keeping dust and other irritant out thus becoming favorite for the people with dust allergies. Now the bad part is, these cannot be machine washed at home and need to be dry cleaned or vacuumed for cleaning.


Natural latex mattress pads are more durable than any other. However, if you do not buy a quality latex mattress pad and go for a cheap one, you actually end up being on the losing side. The comforts of the sleeper are at stake. Good quality latex material does serve the dual purpose but still gives a tough time while washing.

Memory Foam:

The memory foam mattress pad is also considered by many sleepers as it molds to the body itself and gives comfort to him. But it also absorbs heat and can get very uncomfortable at nights. Owing to the thickness of the pad, it is often taken as a substitute to the purchase of a new mattress itself.

Mattress pad attachment

The mattress topper has to be properly attached to the mattress to be able to protect it and give you the comforts at the same time. You will have to decide between anchor straps, fitted elastic and wrapped elastic for the purpose. Anchor straps are the most commonly used method of attachment. Elastic straps are used at the corners to anchor them properly. However, these are good only for the thinner mattresses.

The protector with fitted elastic can be stretched over the mattress to fit it properly. The wrapped elastic mattress pad has advantage over the other two. Slippage is very less. But the putting it and taking it off is quite a task

Hopefully this would guide you in understanding your needs and going as per your interest in investment. However, it is very essential that you do consider your sleeping habits and your priorities between sleep and protection of mattress while you go for the purchase.

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