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Best Leaf Vacuum For Your Lawn: 2017 Review and Guide

how to choose the best leaf vacuum

If you have large trees in your garden, you sure will know what a mess it can be at the end of the day and cleaning that heap of leaves is the toughest job of them all.

This is where a leaf vacuum comes in.

It can make sure that your work of cleaning is done with care and much faster. You can also clean light weight snows in the winter season. There are various types of leaf vacuums and your job is to pick the best one.

Types of leaf vacuums for your lawn

Well, there is a one-tool solution on the market to blowing and sucking at the same time. It's not designed for large leaf piles but for small garden, patio or yard it can do just fine. It's called leaf blower with built-in vacuum function.

  • Cordless Blowers/Vacuums: you can use this type of leaf removal equipment to clean your driveways or decks. Because these do not have any kind of noisy big motors they do not produce much of a sound either. These are extremely convenient.
  • Electric Blowers/Vacuums: If you can get a long enough cord, it can really work nicely with the electric power supply. You will get a nice, quite leaf cleaner at an affordable price.
  • Gas Blowers/Vacuums: for heavy duty. These are quite noisy and come at a high price range. The benefit of having one of these is that you can clean any area and any kind of leaves because of it sucking power. Although this might be one of the best leaf vacuum that you can get, the problem is that you will need to store gasoline, the price is much higher and it is quite noisy, so you really need to think twice before you buy this one.

Check the video below on how the leaf sucker works:

What to look for when buying

Well, to buy a blower/vacuum, it is really important that you will go through a few important features:

  • Design of Nozzle

Some of the blowers have a flat nozzle that can be helpful to sweep the leaves easily, where as the other ones have a round nozzle which can loosen the leaves in your lawn. If you need both, then you can choose the one which comes with both the options.

  • Speed Control

For outdoor vacuum, you really need to control the speed. With a blower that has a speed control, you can use the high speed and the low speed according to your need.

  • Hand grip

Some of the handheld models come with an extra hand grip in order to give you a better control over your leaf suckers.

Best Leaf Vacuums on the market today

So, there are loads of options to choose from on 2017 market, but we cut down your number of choices to just 3 top options:

Husqvarna 125BVx Blower/Vac with Smart Start

Husqvarna 125BVx gas powered vacuum orange

Irrespective of the fact that your lawn is a small one or a large one, this blower can really work fine. With the 38.5“ length machine, you can clear all the dirt, leaves and debris more easily. You can also use this blower as a vacuum and it works really fast to clean the leaves.

The performance and power of this machine are at par with the other quality blowers. With a 1.1 Hp output, you can get a maximum speed of 170 mph to blow the leaves away. It works fine from a good distance, but it is not really the better than the best.


  • Performance is really good
  • You can clear the leaves and dirt easily
  • The speed is good enough


  • Noisy

Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac

Toro 51619 7amp red

This machine is a wonder of engineering; you can shred the leaves, blow them away and also store them at a place with the vacuum. You also get a 41” long blower which is very easy to handle and you will be able to clear your grounds easily. You can clear your driveway, patio, and yards very easily with this blower. Because this is an electric blower, you do not need any kind of gas or battery supply to get it going. The only problem with this blower is that you cannot pull away too far from the switchboard; otherwise it won’t be able to get the power it needs.

The shredding feature of this blower is really impressive and it can really cut them down to small pieces. This blower can work at a speed of 235 mph which is quite good and it also has a controller to control the speed.


  • Shredding feature is an added advantage
  • Speed is at par and can be very effective


  • Length of the cord is the only problem

Worx Trivac WG509 3-in-one Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

worx trivac leaf blower mulcher vacuum orange black

This is another multipurpose machine that can be used as a vacuum, blower and also shredder. You can use it with only one hand and as it does not create much vibration, it is not really hard to hold it in your hand and blowing things off. This is basically an electric blower, so you do not need to arrange any battery or oil or gas. All you will need an extension cord to reach out the garden or the lawn from your room. The motor speed is very good as it has one of the powerful motors compared to the others. The price range is much higher than the other types of blowers as well.


  • Good motor speed and do not involve any kind of gas or battery
  • The shredder is really good addition to this.


  • Price is quite higher
  • Needs extension to run the machine

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