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Best l Shaped Desk 2017 Reviews – Top Gaming and Computer Desks

wooden gamer computer desk

When you need a gaming computer desk that usually means you want a lot of space which can be well organized. You need to put many different things on it – your computer or laptop, a monitor or two, peripherals, and other gaming gear.

And you always have something more that you don’t use for gaming, but certainly, need it while you are playing. Maybe it is time to start looking for an L-shaped gaming desk?

The benefits of the l’ shaped computer desk

Most of the standard desks don’t have enough space for serious gamers, but l shape gaming desk offers more space which can be arranged well. And as we said, space and the organization are the main thing for each gamer.

With the L-shaped desk, you will get more surface area, and important stuff will be near at hand. And if you have a multi-monitor setup, this kind of desk will offer you the best setup. Cable management will be easier, too, and that is crucial if you don’t want a mess around you to drive you crazy.

Top L Shaped Desks 2017

To help you select the best L-shaped desk and keep your focus on gaming, here is some reviews of the products you can find on the market.

OneSpace – Modern Glass L-Shaped Desk

black glass l shaped gaming desk


With a three piece safety glass surface, this L shape desk will give you more room for multi-tasking. The frame is made from the black steel which provides stability and durability, and with dimensions 51 x 51 x 29 inches it will fit nicely into any corner of your room.

You can put the keyboard tray on either desk and there is a universal computer stand underneath. The footprint is condensed enough that it does not need to be put into a corner. Maybe you will need some time for assembly, but once you put it together, it will be easy to move wherever you want.


  • Three piece surface made from a safety glass which provides more space for multi-tasking
  • Steel frame for better stability
  • Reliable quality made and durable
  • You can put the keyboard tray on either desk


  • Pretty hard for assembly
  • Stickers all over that doesn’t peel off nicely

RTA Products – Space Saver Computer L Desk

brown wooden gaming desk


Made from a medium density fiberboard this L-shaped desk has a nice mahogany finish for more durability. Coated steel frame provides stability, and there is a center shelf for your accessories. The length of 44 inches and the width of 33 inches are quite enough space to give you smooth gaming.

It has a lot of desktop space and an attractive large keyboard tray with a safety stop. You can put the tray on both sides of the desk. Some users had three monitors on it while there was more room left.

Also, the design allows you a good cable management. Assembly is a piece of cake, and you will need only a screwdriver. Maybe this is not the best L-shaped gaming desk on the market, but for the price, it is worth every penny.


  • Coated steel frame for a better stability
  • Enough space, even for three monitors
  • Large keyboard tray with a safety stop
  • Good cable management
  • Excellent quality for the price


  • Scratches easy, even it has a mahogany finish for more durability
  • Medium density fiberboard isn’t durable as a real wood

Z-Line Belaire – Glass L Desk

glass coputer desk with shelves


With a unique display shelf and a slide keyboard tray, this L-shaped desk by Z-Line will give you all the space you need. Dimensions are quite impressive – this desk is 60 inches wide and 24 inches deep. You can put a laptop and all your gaming accessories and still enough room to feel comfortable. The keyboard tray can be used on both sides

A metal frame will provide stability, and you will be surprised how sturdy it is. The design is quite modern and good looking. The glass surface is beautiful, but fingerprints show up easily, and a cable management can be tricky if you don’t have experience. Assembly is ordinary, so you will probably do it without issues, and there are manual instructions how to do it properly.


  • A lot of space and quite comfortable
  • You can put a keyboard tray on both sides
  • Special display shelf
  • Quality metal frame
  • Very sturdy


  • Fingerprints show up easily on the glass surface
  • A cable management could be tricky

Tribesigns – Affordable Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner 

black cheap computer desk


This desk is maybe the best L-shaped computer desk in the price range as it provides great desktop and space saving. It is made from a partial board while the frame and legs are made from steel. This desk is designed to be very stable and durable while offering a fine amount of space for any activity.

There are unique things about this product – the angle is designed for an easy cable management, so you don’t have to worry about the mess, and the foot position provides more comfort than ordinary desks. The main issue could be screws which strip out easily, but this could be the L-shaped desk best buy you can find on the market.


  • Provides desktop and space saving
  • Sturdy, with a solid steel frame and legs
  • Specially designed angle for an easy cable management
  • Great foot position for more comfortable feeling


  • Screws strip out easily, so you have to pay attention to those
  • No written instructions for assembly

Other Top Gaming Computer Desk To Consider In 2017

Every one below is absolutely best buy computer desk and you won’t regret your decision!

Atlantic Gaming Desk

black atlantic coputer desk


If you are on the market for a computer desk for gaming, this one is specially designed for the gaming purposes, and while other desks can be adjusted for gaming, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is exactly what every gamer needs. Its measurements are 27 by 50 inches, and there is plenty of space, but what is particularly great is the fact that this desk has various platforms and hangars for different items.

This gamer computer desk has fantastic platform created to hold your monitor or television, depends on which one you’re using for gaming. Additionally, it has a smaller rack which is meant to keep a few CD’s or gaming controllers (joysticks) and a pair of cute side platforms designed for holding speakers. The Atlantic Gaming Desk also comes with a built-in cup holder and another rack on the right side that can be used for hanging your headphones. That’s not all because you can find another angled holder for your tablet or cell phone.

It is considered as best buy computer desk because of all that space you’re getting, the perfect functionality, and the nice holders and racks, which you can use to clear the space needed and enjoy your gaming experience.


  •    Elevated platform for TV or monitor
  •    Numerous of holders and racks for easy organization
  •    Well-constructed
  •    Affordable price
  •    Pretty easy to assemble


  •    Doesn’t have a traditional roll out keyboard shelf
  •    Not suitable for two monitors

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

black arozzi arena


The Arozzi is among the coputer desks for gamers that could easily find its way to gaming tournaments, but will not be a good fit at your office. Strictly for gaming, it can fit the tower, monitor or television, keyboard, and mouse, while the surface is water and sweat resistant, which is excellent for gamers who usually spend the half day playing.

The width of 160cm will allow you to put three monitors for the fantastic gaming experience, while the depth of 80cm is more than enough for other devices. The whole surface is made of microfiber, so it is like the mouse pad all over it and is available in blue, green, white, black, and red colors.

The Arena is easily transportable as it can be divided into three sections and you can also adjust the desired height by simple screw loosening. When it comes to annoying cables, this desk has three cutouts for hiding monitor, keyboard, and mouse cables, so your main surface would be clean and cordless, which is a nice feature when looking for the best computer desk.


  •    It offers plenty of space
  •    Quite comfortable up to belly with a special curve
  •    Water and sweat resistant surface
  •    Incredibly easy to assemble
  •    Sturdy construction


  •    It doesn’t look professional, and it’s not suitable for office
  •    A bit pricey

Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

walker black glass l desk


The Walker Edison is the most popular L-shaped computer desks for gamers, but it can also be used in the office, thanks to its construction, design, and versatility. It is literally made of three desks into one and has the compartment in the bottom specially created for a computer tower. Unlike the previous products we reviewed, this one has the keyboard drawer included, and it is set at a comfortable height. However, when you actually need to use the keyboard for gaming, it can be tricky to move because the mouse is not at the same elevation as a keyboard.

Still, that’s not a problem because you will have enough space to put both keyboard and mouse on the same level. More than affordable price makes this desk the best buy computer desk you can currently find at the moment, and you’ll get the fusion between gaming and office desks. It comes in smoke, multi, clear, white, and black colors.


  •    Excellent price for which you virtually get three tables
  •    The surface area is quite spacy
  •    Tempered safety glass makes a nice impression
  •    Easy to modify
  •    Can be used for gaming and in the office as well


  •    It appears flimsy
  •    The keyboard drawer can be problematic when it comes to gaming as it is not big enough to fit the mouse too

Tenive Ergonomic Contour L-Shaped Desk

tenive long black corner desk


Another minimalistic gamer computer desk that can also be used in the office is even simpler than the previous one as the entire top is made of one piece instead of three separate, which is the case with the Walker Edison.  Although it has a separate keyboard drawer, it is off the sync with the mouse and will take some time to get used to it when gaming.

It is maybe not wide enough to provide extremely good playing area, but the Tenive Ergonomic is one of the best computer desks l shaped thanks to its heavy duty steel frame and durable construction. The tower stand, which is below the keyboard drawer, will save you a lot of space, so basically, you can put up to three monitors and enjoy your gaming experience.


  •    A good looking desk and it’s very well designed
  •    Keyboard drawer included
  •    It gives you plenty of surface area and open space
  •    Fantastic price
  •    Easy to assemble and quite sturdy desk


  •    The instructions are not very helpful
  •    The plastic screw anchors are quite fragile

DXRacer Gaming Desk

green ergonomic pc desk


This gamer computer desk is not among the most affordable ones, but it’s certainly among the most popular in the gaming world. The DxRacer is widely known for making great gaming chairs, and the company is a supporter of eSports, so their models could be seen at various gaming tournaments. This particular desk is made exclusively for PC gamers, and it’s a great computer desk for gaming because the surface slopes at 10 degrees. It means that you can rest your wrists and arms which is quite important for longer periods of time, so you don’t experience pain in your arms later on.

This DxRacer comes with two slots and two cable grommets that are placed along the rear, and it will help in concealing cables, so you can fully focus on gaming instead of getting annoyed by wires. The model is made of durable material that is designed to last for years, and you can choose from red, white, green, and black colors.


  •    Excellent wire management
  •    Easy to move and it is a 360 degree rotatable
  •    High-quality wooden desk board
  •    Plenty of space available
  •    Can store up to three monitors


  •    Can be tricky to assemble
  •    It is not a cheap gaming desk


You can spend a lot of money and still have issues with space and functionality, but if you choose wisely, you can get the best L-shaped gaming desk for a decent price. Just look for more space for gaming accessories which should be near at your hand.

Stability is the factor, too, and you certainly don’t want a mess with cables around. We hope that you will find the right desk on our list of the top computer desks l shaped on the market.

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