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Best Kids Bunk Bed of 2018: Reviews and Buying Guide

how to buy best kids bunk beds

If your toddler has grown and started climbing out of the crib then its time for you to get him a best bunk bed that would be much safer for him.

The transition marks a great step in his life hence it is indeed important to make it a beautiful and memorable one. Buy your toddler, bunk beds that give him or her their own space.

But just deciding to buy doesn't complete the job you have to choose among variety of beds that come in plethora of designs and shapes. As you would know, when it comes to products for kids there are plenty of options available ranging in different designs, materials, shapes etc.

Among the myriad of options available choosing might be difficult and that too for your kid, the task hardens a little more. Our buying guide for kids beds will certainly lessen your worries, so let us start with different kinds of beds.

Before we get into details check below video for 30 best bunk bed ideas for modern bedroom:

Types of beds for kids

There are different types of beds for kids. Below is the list of types of beds available in the market:

  • Bunk beds
  • High sleepers
  • Mid sleepers
  • Cabin beds
  • Sleigh beds
  • Divan beds

Al the beds are almost similar to one another among which the most popular are bunk beds that effeciently use up the space and provide you parallel decks for multiple or single beds.

These are the most versatile beds that come with additional storage drawers, racks and even playhouses. They create comfortable resting quarters for your kids wherein the kids can enjoy their own space. Mid sleeers and high sleepers are similar to bunk beds as they have loft single beds while the cabin or diwan beds provide you with additional storage.

Summing up, if you look for durable long lasting bed then bunk beds are the best kids beds ever.

Things to consider before buying kid's beds

After you have decided on the type of bed you want next comes certain points that you should look for in a perfect bed for your. Certainly, you want to give your child the best gift that is safe and secure for him, hence look out for certain things that kids bunk beds should definitely have:

The bed should be of a stable and sturdy construction

The foremost thing to consider in the bed is the safety of the bed. Assure the bed has a stable construction that matters the most. By stability I mean it should not rock with the tossing, turning or even bouncing of the kids. After all you need a bed not a rocking mesh, the bed has to sustain the bouncing and dances of the kids so they should be reliable. The more firm is the frame, the longer the bed would survive.

Frame with smooth edges

The second most important point to consider regarding the safety is that the frame should have smooth edges. As kids run around much they can get hurt, so ensure that the frame of bed does not have sharp edges or corners. Also, the frame should have a smooth finish which is non toxic and resistant to chipping.

Side rails to secure your kids

Side rails prevent the kids from falling off the bed so ensure the bed has tightly secured high rails. Kids toss and turn a lot while sleeping hence side rails are necessary. Some beds have attached rails while others have frames that are provided with holes to which the rails can be attached later.

The mattresses should fit snugly

For comfortable sleep the bed should have well fitted mattresses. It prevents the entrapping of the kids. So make sure you would get the required size mattress before you buy the bed. Some beds come with mattresses while for some mattresses have to be bought separately.

Tempting designs

The bed belongs to your kids, so it should be something that they like. Go for bright colours and designs that appeal to your kids. There are so many different editions with attached play rooms or storage spaces available


Now with the basic know how of the essentials of your kid's bed you would be sure as to what main points to look into while buying the bed. Market is flooded with kids products providing a wide range in kids beds too. We have compiled a list of best bunk beds to help ease your hunt. Here is our list of top rated bunk beds:

Caribou Solid Hardwood Twin Bunk Bed by Stork Craft

caribou twin bunk bed brown

Caribou bunk bed is an elegantly styled bed constructed with the sturdy rubberwood that makes it suitable for your notorious kid. The clean design beautifies your room and the rich finish makes it stand a class apart.

Meeting safety standards like ASTM and CFCM the bed leaves no doubt for being among the best rated bunk beds. The staircase with four plunges is quite stable and has appropriate height between the steps for easy stepping of your kid. If you fear your kid of falling from height inspite of the rails then you can separate the bunks to form two twin beds that can be again joined as and when you wish.

Product specification:

· The bed is made of high quality solid rubberwood which is environment friendly.

· The bed contains two layers which can be separated to form twin beds.

· It is available in multiple non toxic finish.

· It comes in six different colours to suit the walls of your room.

· It ensures safety with high quality fastening system and full length rails.

· The bed comes with a strong and sturdy ladder.

· Recommended weight on each bed is 165 pounds

Twin over Twin Metal Bunk Bed by Walker Edison

twin over twin bunk bed for boys black

The twin over twin is a real space saver that provides with two full bed sleepers without using extra space. The most unique thing about the bed is its ladder. The straight ladder does not use up much space as compared to the slanting one and is even easier for your kid to climb on.

Also, the ladder can be attached to the either side of the bed so that you can have any kind of orientation that is suitable as per the arrangement of the bed in the room. The bed is completely convertible into two different beds that can be place side by side. Its metal frame is sturdy and is polished that gives it a magnificent look.

And considering the price, you are getting something worthy without spending much. This is a cheap bunk bed that provides you best quality in an affordable price.

Product specification:

· The bed has an elegant design with steel frame construction provided with lead free powder coat finish.

· It can be separated into two twin beds.

· It includes support slats.

· The bed comes with straight ladder that can be attached to either side of the bed.

· It comes with full length guard rails.

· Its simple geometric design is graceful and soothing that would easily match up your room and it decor.

· It comes with a step by step construction manual and tools for easy assembling.

Bedz King Twin Over Twin Stairway Bunk Bed

bedz twin over kids bunk bed brown

This twin bunk bed is one of the best bunk beds for the kids. The thing that sets it apart from the its contemporaries is that it comes with stairways with storage trundles to store your kids' toys and things safely.

A large trundle is provided underneath the lower deck so you don't have to face any storage related issue. The bed efficiently uses up the space provided and also relieves you of the clutter of the toys all around the room. The wooden staircase is much safer than the common ladders and is sturdy.

The whole pinewood framework is much appealing and gives strength to the structure. Also top deck is guarded with rails to ensure safety of your kid.

Product specification:

· Made of solid pinewood this bed is sturdy and will last long.

· With trundles in the staircase and underneath, the bed is indeed the coolest one providing you large storage space.

· It can be separated into a full sized bed and a twin bed.

· It is provided with a staircase that makes climbing to the top deck easier and safer for your kid.

· It meets all the safety standards of consumer products.

· The bed comes with a non toxic led free finish that makes it safer for kids.

Over Futon Metal Bunk Bed by DHP

metal bunk bed black red

This futon metal bunk showcases versatility and innovation with a beautiful modern design that will sweep you off your feet. If you live in a one room apartment and do not have extra lounging space to relax then this bed gives you all. The lower deck of the bed can be easily converted into a couch for you to relax on.

Just need to detach one side of the deck with the secure mechanism and raise it to form the back rest for the lounger. The only thing required to make it a perfect futon is the mattress. Get a mattress that is soft to double up as a cusiony seat for the couch. Also the mattress should allow for easy folding. The bed is secured with guard rails and has vertical straight ladders at both the ends.

Product specification:

· The bed comes with metal frame that makes it sturdy.

· Its contemporary design adds to its elegance.

· The versatility of the bed is its most unique feature that sets it apart from others.

· It is provided with side ladders, upper guard rails and child security mechanism to ensure maximum safety.

· The product meets all the consumer product safety standards.

· The bed comes in three colours: black, white and silver.

· It isn't provided with mattresses or bedding so you would need to find the suitable ones yourself.

· Maximum recommended weight in upper deck is 200 lbs while lower is 600 lbs.

Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent

oates lofted toddler bunk bed red

This bed is ideal for your kid who can have an extra play room for the fun. It comes with a bed at top and a tent underneath. Also, it comes with a slide and a ladder. The bed occupies larger space and thus is apt if you have a separate room for your kid. The tent underneath provides a good storage space and room for all the fun filled activities of your kid. The additional slide adds to the fun in the kids party. It is made up of tubular metal frame that makes it sturdy and secure with no sharp edges. The bright colours are sure to be loved by your kid.

Product specification:

· It consists of a single bed at the upper deck, a tent a the bottom with a slide and ladder.

· It is made up of metal frame that makes it tough.

· The bright colours are perfect for your kid. The adventurous theme of the bed makes it one of the best bunk beds for boys who can seek their secret missions in the tent.

· The bed isn't provided with mattresses so you will have to buy them separately.

· It occupies larger space so that your kid can have all the fun.

Twin Doll House Stair Step Loft

twin stair bunk bed for girls

The twin doll house loft is one of the best bunk beds for the girls. It includes a loft bunk bed of twin size ,a staircase and a magazine rack with lots of area beneath that can be aptly used for another bed or as study or play area.

From structure to the use of colours this bed is beautifully designed for your princess who will love to sleep and dream the fairy world in her own doll house. It has a sturdy frame with a safe staircase for your kid. The staircase comes with four chestnut drawers at the side for storing the toys.

The staircase can be reversed to the other side too so that you can easily manage the arrangement.

Product specification:

· The structure consists of a single loft bed, a staircase with four large storage drawers and a magazine rack.

· The frame construction is solid and sturdy.

· It comes with four metal slats.

· The area beneath can be efficiently used for another bed.

· The staircase is safe as compared to the ladders common in bunk beds.

· It is beautifully designed and crafted to be your princess perfect doll house.

· The bed can be easily assembled.

Mission Twin over Twin Staircase Bunk Bed

mission twin bunk bed for girls brown wood

This bunk bed stands above all for its strong construction and large storage space.

Made of solid wood this is a strong and beautiful piece that accommodates 8 inch mattresses at both the decks. The solid staircase is stable and provides for safe climbing to the upper deck.

The upper deck is provided with guard rails and is secure. The bed provides enough storage space for your kids' toys that can be conveniently placed in the drawers provided in the staircase and that provided beneath the lower deck. With the bed at your place you would no longer stumble over any toy and hurt yourself.

It comes ready to be assembled with complete slat kit which means you have to do nothing much but lay the mattresses.

Product specification:

· The bed bunk is made of solid wood that makes it quite sturdy.

· It is provided with a safe staircase that can be attached to the either sides of the bed.

· A total of six drawers provide ample storage space.

· There is also a magazine rack where your kids can store all their favourite books and novels.

· It can be easily assembled.

· The bed doesn't come with mattresses hence so will have to buy them separately.

That ends our list of best bunk beds for kids. I hope it provides you with sufficient options to choose from and also hints you about the correct guidelines about what to look for in bunk beds for kids. I have presented some of the best toddler bunk beds of 2017 but the list of beds is countless. Again it is you who have to decide what to buy hence choose wisely.


A good bunk bed should be safe and sturdy. It should judiciously use up the space and at the same time provide ample of space for your kid to sleep comfortably and have fun.

The staircase or ladder should be stable for easy climbing, also there should be enough space between the decks so that the person sleeping on the lower deck can properly sit on the bed without getting hurt.

You should also know the weight limit that the bed can sustain, it will be vital in choosing the correct bed.

You can buy the beds online infact it is the best place to buy bunk beds as you can conveniently look at the wide collection of bunk beds provided by different brands and go through their reviews. This makes shopping easier and simpler.

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