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Top 6 Japanese Style Floor Futons For The Money Reviewed

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While some of you must have heard about futons, some still might be a little unaware of what it actually is. This is your complete guide to know everything about japanese style futons.

To start with the basic, the futon is originated from Japan so it is basically a Japanese floor bed. While you can find mattress from any places, Japanese style mattresses are considered the best one to use.

This kind of bed is basically a kind of mattress which is placed on the ground, which can also be folded and kept away when not in use.

Remember this futon is not something that you place it on your bed. They are like your air mattresses which can be your permanent solution to the sleeping arrangement. Plus, you can take this arrangement to anywhere you travel.

As we mentioned above that futon is originally from Japan, however, the west has started making their own futon now. While these are not that different from traditional Japanese futon, there are elements by which we can differentiate them.

A Brief About Western Futon

You cannot western futon a mattress. While it is a mattress, it is more concentrated on the frame. It is more of a folding couch rather than a kind of mattress.

Why futon is the first choice in Japan

Japan has its own culture and way of living which completely differs from ours. People in Japan tend to sleep on the ground, however, western furniture surely have quite popular over the years.

There are still some people who prefer to sleep on the ground just like older times. Is Japan the only country where futon is famous? No, over the years, West has embraced the cultures. Now let’s get down to another question that might have popped up in your head. Why is futon so popular among the people?

Well, then let’s find out the answer to it on our next segment.

Advantages of using Japanese style futon bed

One of the advantages of the futon is that it provides a lot of free space. They can be your perfect sleeping solution as compared to an airbed. Plus, you only have to spread the futon when you are in actual need for it. Its benefits don’t just stop at giving you space, it is also a very healthy sleeping option as well.

Contrary to a soft mattress, they don’t allow your joints to get a sag or be unsupported. Doctors say that if your joints remain unsupported for too long they tend to become overstretched during the sleep and can result in back pain. In our sleep, we lose some amount of moisture at night. A futon which is put on slatted base enables higher blood circulation which reduces the sweating at night.

6 Best Rated Japanese Floor Beds

1. Brand New Queen Size Black Traditional Japanese Floor Futon Mattresses

This is one of the most natural feeling Japanese style, however, it doesn’t just have cotton, there is also foam and polyester that offer additional support and comfort. Instead of folding, the futon rolls. Apart from that, it has straps that protect the futon from unrolling. The futon is thick in size which makes it comfortable however it also makes it hard to roll.

Once you get used to it then it wouldn’t be such a problem for you. this Japanese floor bed is lightweight but large. This is what makes it bulky when it is rolled up. While it is a good product for home, it doesn’t work well for traveling purpose.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions of the product- 80 x 60x 3 inches

Weight- 26 pounds

Height- 13-inches

Length 56-inches

Diameter- 13-inches


• It is firm and quite comfortable

• Adheres to the fire standards

• The futon is lightweight which makes it easy to carry around


• The futon is quite short which can create issue for some people

• It is clumsy to roll

2. J-Life Shiki Traditional Futon from Japan

It is one of the best Japanese futons that we certainly recommend. To be honest, when it is about the futon, Japanese style futon is the most popular with great quality and features. This is one of the traditional Japanese futons. Among the best features of about this futon is that it is potable.

Having said that, when compared to other futons it still has a long way to go when we talk about its portability. It weighs around 30 pounds and its previous version model weighs which is 13 pounds heavier than the previous model. Though it is comfortable for inside as a special permanent arrangement for sleeping, this is not the right kind of futon for traveling purpose owing to its weight.

It is a queen sized futon and of course, the futon is thick and firm. What is more important is that it is made entirely of natural materials plus, no bleaching is done. However, the issue with its fact that it is completely natural is that for its infallibility boric acid is used. While it impacts its natural nature, it also allows it to adhere to the standards of federal flammability.

Product Specifications:

Weight- 70 pounds

Height- 4-inches

Width- 60-inches

Length- 80-inches


• It is thick and firm

• The futon offers great comfort

• The quality of the material is really impressive

• The product adheres to standards of federal flammability


• It is heavy which makes it hard to fold

• The futon may be too soft for some people

• Its treatment with boric acid might come up as being issue to some.

3. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

This is one of the most popular and best Japanese futon. Since futon mattress is used to carry around, this product is lightweight to cater to your transport. So weight is not going to be an issue with this Japanese floor bed.

It is about three inches so this futon does not have that thickness, however, the thickness isn’t something that you should be concerned about. Plus, it is thick enough to make sure that you don’t feel like you are lying on the floor. However, this means that the futon is a little hard. If someone doesn’t like a firm mattress, then probably this isn’t for that person. One of the other thing that makes this futon attractive is its affordable price.


• The futon is quite light weighted which makes easier to carry

• It is easier carry

• Perfect for people looking for firm mattress

• It is made from quality material


• It is too thin

• It can be a bit hard for some people

4. Brown Shikibuton Triple fold Brand New Foam Beds

It is one of the modern Japanese style futons for all the modern comfort lovers. Also, this is a triple fold futon and made mainly of foam. While the foam is highly dense, the futon is actually quite firm and light weighted. The futon is both narrow as well as thin so if you place it on a floor without anything underneath it wouldn’t providing you any good night sleep.

You will have to put it on a carpet to get the comfort level you are looking for. while it is a little bulky, this futon will not make your transport uncomfortable. Another thing is that due to its equal dimensions, you only get stretched sleep and there is not very much area to roll.


• Made from advanced and quality materials

• It is quite facile to fold

• When folded, it looks very nice


• It is not for people who are looking for traditional Japanese style futon

• A little unwieldy

• We have faced odor issues with this mattress

• No space to roll around

Product Specifications:

Material- Polyester

Dimensions- 75 x 27 x 3 inches

Weight- 8 pounds

5. EMOOR Compact in size Futon Set from Japan

It is one another Japanese floor bed from EMOOR. It is also available with a pillow and comforter. And don’t worry about the futon being a knock off, it is completely authentic. However, this is a quite expensive product to buy primarily because it comes with the pillow and comforter.

This futon is not all natural product and is stuffed with polyester but as there is no risk of allergies and this futon is not something to be concerned about.

The main issue with this futon is that you cannot put it naked on the ground and expect a good night sleep which is something that people look for a futon. So you have to put another mattress to make things comfortable for you.


• You get a pillow and a comforter along with it

• The product is quite light

• It is very simple to fold it


• The futon is too thin

• It can be a bit too firm for some people

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 19.9 x 19.7 x 17.7 in

Weight: 5.51 lb

Material: Polyester

6. D&D Futon Furniture Queen Size Cotton

This mattress is somewhat the size of your queen size bed. The futon is stuffed with cotton, polyester, and foam which makes it soft, thick, and comfortable. It comes in a variety of color that suits the different style of the people. It is easier to roll and unroll so that you don’t need to put in much work into it. As it is light in weight, carrying it around is not at all an issue.


• This Japanese style futon has great thickness which makes it quite comfortable

• Two people can easily rest in the futon with enough space to move around

• It avails different uses as it can be used as a guest bed, playmat for kids, camping yoga, picnic blanket, etc.


• It is very light which makes it unsteady

• There have been some odor issues

• It can be a bit hard for some people

Guide to buy the best futon for your home

While the futons are one of the great things that Japan gave us, it doesn’t have to be necessarily made in Japan. Today it is manufactured in all across the world with of course Japan being its main producer. Generally, futon used to be made all traditional materials, but today there are many brands that have been making futon with advanced materials. This, however, makes the authenticity of the futon a little debatable.

We have discussed quite a length about futons today, and we cannot close our chapter without letting you know how to choose the right futon for your home. The thing is there is so many option today which makes you all distracted and confused. However, if you don’t evaluate all the important factors before you buy the futon you are only going to regret it later. So before you step into the market to buy the Japanese floor bed, you should keep few things in mind to make sure that you buy the most suitable futon for yourself.

• The use of futon:

For what you want to use the futon for is something that will help you determine what kind of futon you should opt for. So the first step is to figure out the purpose. Are you looking for a futon for just lounging? Or something that can act as a great sleeping solution? Would be changing its function on a daily basis? Where to do you want to put in- guest room or kid’s room?

The purpose of futon will not only tell you the type of futon you should go for also the quality of the futon you should opt for.

• The size of the futon:

Another element that determines the kind of futon you should look for is the size of the futon. Plus, it has always been said that before you buy a furniture, you should measure the space you have. Or less you will be only making a congested mess out of your space. So first measure how big of a futon you can comfortably accommodate in your room then you can select different sizes that are available. Buying kind size futon is not seen very commonly, however, they are out there in the market.

Similar to our bed, futon takes up much area once they are completely spread out so it is very important to measure the available space in your room.

• Your personal style:

Your personal style is one of the most important factors that helps you select the right kind of futon for you. once you figure out the purpose and the size of the futon you can look into a different style of the futon and pick out the best one you like. Today there are different styles of futon available in the market so you need not worry about getting stuck with traditional looking futons.

For both the modern style lovers and the classic lovers there are an array of options to choose from; all they have to do is search a bit.

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