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Best Japanese Garden Hand Tools: 2017 Review

best garden tools from japan

There was a time in my life when anything made or engineered in Japan was considered a laughable joke when it came to quality. I mean, seriously, what was that funny looking car called Toyota anyway?

However, after over 40 years of adult living, owning my own home and understanding more about how the world works, I look for quality wherever I can find it.

With my love for gardening and maintaining my lovely home and property I have put together some of the best Japanese gardening tools out there to use. 

List of The Best Japanese Garden Hand Tools of 2017




Hori Hori Knife


Gomboy Saw


Nejiri Hoe


Okatsune Pruners


With all of our high technology and mechanization, there is still the need to get down and dirty hand to hand combat with the earth. Maybe you have experienced the same problem as I have. Trying to find the best quality hand gardening tools that will last for years of use and abuse!

The frustrating thing about hand gardening tools is that they do not stand up to the rigorous use that the serious gardener will put them through. So with the help of my very understanding Japanese husband, we did our research.

We looked for high-quality hand tools. We found some of them made or engineered from Japan. Problem solved! That is what these high-quality tools will help you do when it comes to digging, pruning, cutting, chopping and so forth. So here they are:

Hori Hori Knife

hori hori garden knife

This knife is probably the most versatile knife I have ever used for gardening. Hori in Japanese means to dig so this is like dig times two. On the one side of this knife is a straight blade and the other side is a serrated blade. This knife is hand made in Japan so you know you are getting quality craftsmanship.

So the uses for this knife are many and varied. You can weed, cultivate and even cut roots with this awesome tool. The blade is carbon steel and can cut through even the most tangled set of weeds and roots. Perfect for the serious gardener!

Silky Gomboy 210 folding Landscaping saw

bomboy saw black handle

Of course being able to carry around in one’s side sheath for handy use is a folding saw. But not just any saw. The Silky Gomboy 210 folding say is the one to have. I like the folding part because it doesn’t cut my pants while walking around and basically saws everything I need sawing when opened.

This saw has a great feeling rubber padded handle with the spring lock blade. The blade is a little over 8 inches long with 8.5 teeth per inch.

What makes it unique is the proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME smooth cutting technology. Do not know what that means and do not care. I just know it saws through most any branches, roots or wood I can use it on. Definitely, a must have in your hand to hand combat with mother earth.

Nejiri Gama Hoe

nejiri hama hoe tool

Now there are times when you need one hand for weeding and the other for your favorite beverage. After squatting down all day in the dirt, you still need to take a break and get work done at the same time. This one handed weeder will do the trick.

Made with a nice pine smooth handle and a blade which is designed to be dragged toward you as you weed and drink all at the same time. Are you ready for seeding? Well this pointed blade can create the little furrows you need as you also just drag it through the dirt! No good reason to put your drink down while working.

I personally like this tool for my hand to hand combat with mother earth. It is well balanced and can also be used as a chopper, cutter, and all-purpose digger.

Okatsune Pruners

Okatsune small pruners

This handy little pruner is just what you need when you are trying to make that ultimate bush or plant grow to perfection. It is easy to hold and easily tackles most any pruning jobs needed. It is a little pricey for a pruner, but that is what you get for being hand-made with Japanese tradition.

It has a high carbon steel blade made from Japanese steel. The durable spring action along with the two and a quarter inch blade will prune up to 3/4 inch diameter branches. Claimed to be 5 times more powerful than regular pruners. So this is easily the go to pruning tool in your arsenal

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Well, I hope you enjoyed this short list of 4 of the best handheld garden tools from Japan. Of course, these tools will not give you the green thumb, that comes from your own creativity.

However, it is a true love story about my Japanese husband who helped me with my second love - gardening.

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