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Top 8 Best Cheap Futons 2018 Reviews With Guide

large budget black futon

Futons can be a great addition to your home.

Not only are they inexpensive but futon furniture is usually stylish and available in a variety of colours and materials and can be found in minimalist designs too.

Whether you're looking for best futon beds that are spellbinding or just something that's durable, functional and good-looking, you still need to review the different virtues of futons you're examining before you make a purchase.

Best Cheap Futons of 2018: Reviews

We all have to make the best of our limited living space. So, you might need three bedrooms when you have just two. What do you do? Buying another home seems like impossible, but yes, you could buy a futon that could be a sofa by day and a bed by night. This works well when you have a guest. Besides, you get them in good designs and they last as long as a conventional sofa. Here, we present the best futon beds for 2018:

1. Westfield Wood Futon Frame under $400

If you're scouring the market for a classy futon, check out the wooden ones. Not only are they solid looking and dependable, they are also beautiful in their nutty colours with their rich wood grain. Here, we feature the Westfield Wood Futon Frame that will add class and elegance to your home. It has all the features that will render it one of the most comfortable futons available today, but if you check out its wooden slats on the side, you'll see why it's so stylish. The frame is available in full and queen sizes, so where size goes, it's real good value for money for the number of people it accommodates.

full size wooden futon brown

2. The HomCom 61″ Folding Futon under $300

You might have a large home or a small one, but if you want a futon to lounge in, well why not? So, without moping over your small space, look out for a small futon bed as we did and found the HomCom 61″ Folding Futon Sleeper Couch Sofa Bed.

inexpensive convertible futon sofa blue

This is much smaller than the traditional convertible couch that measures 71" x 78", whereas this one this sleeper sofa is 59.5" x 26" x 32.5", making it ideal for small homes and living rooms. Its sleek and compact design is space-saving and enhances the look of the room. It is lightweight, easy to assemble and has a foldable mattress for sitting or sleeping. In fact, it transforms very easily from a sofa to an instantly comfortable bed. The mattress is thick and full-sized and is just right for two people to site or sleep comfortably. It comes with two cotton pillows and the futon's outer cover is both removable and washable.

3. Tan Microfiber Sofa Bed under $200

Among futons with armrests, here's a sleek one that has a modern and creative design. Here's one with diagonally designed armrests, set in a robust stainless steel frame, giving it a post-modern look. Not only is this futon comfortable but it comes with a really thick mattress that's perfect for all those naps, TV shows, lounging around and for all-night sleeping. It's a royal blend of beauty and comfort, and even though it's marked up a bit, discerning customers think it's worth the price.

microfiber futon with armrest brown

4. LANGRIA Convertible Futon Sofa Bed under 200 Dollars

When you're setting up your home, obviously you're going to look for furniture that can give your room a coordinated look. While you do look for good furniture, spare a moment to choose a really good futon, in fact a futon bed with mattress included would be great. One such futon that's being hailed this year is the LANGRIA Convertible Futon Sofa Bed Linen Upholstered, Split-Back Design with 5 Positions Recline, Grey.

black convertible budget futon bed

Upholstered in beautiful and stunning grey linen fabric, its soft and breathable surface helps easily transform this sofa into a bed so that it easily blends with any kind of decor you may have. You can also enjoy sitting or sleeping here for long as the cushions of the seat and the backrest have sufficient padding to give you comfort for many hours.

You can choose from any of its five reclining positions so that you sit, lounge or sleep when you want with angles ranging from 108° to 180°. You might not want to go completely prone but just have a lounger, this futon lets you take your pick as the mood grabs you. Its innovative design allows you to go horizontal for half the sofa and upright for the other simultaneously, so that while you sit up, your friends or family can lounge all they want.

You can use this futon in small and compact spaces with three people occupying it comfortably. Its frame is kiln-dried solid wood and it sits on six legs for higher durability. It does not warp and can take a maximum load of 272.2 kg.

5. Phoenix Full Size Futon under $600

Perhaps, you are exceptionally tall or big built and don't want to have your feet dangle out of bed. For you, there's a large futon bed that's better known as Phoenix Full Size Futon, Butternut Wood With Bonded Leather Innerspring Mattress. It is saddle-coloured and is versatile, smart and highly functional. It has an eight-inch bonded leather tufted mattress and it is set in a robust wooden frame. Its innovative Side Loaded Technology lets you switch between sofa and full-sized bed as and when you please. Its solid construction with a butternut finish and a 100% polyester mattress, premium foam and innerspring coil mattress make it ideal for relaxing in.

brown futon bed with mattress

6. Eldorado Futon Set under $500

 If you want to combine good looks with functionality, choose a futon with storage space. Though you might find it a bit expensive, if you consider that you get a swanky futon in an attractive black, navy blue, olive green, chocolate or black, and a mattress, you'll agree that it's well worth the price. Made in hardwood Indonesian wood with a medium-brown finish, it has a premium microfiber suede mattress. It takes about three hours to assemble and the mattress is vacuum packed for shipping.

wood futon with storage and chocolate mattress

7. Emily Convertible Futon - Best ​For The Money

This futon figures prominently in the category of cheap futon beds in online stores (under $200). Interested buyers consider this a good buy because it looks more expensive than it is and is actually very comfortable with a thick mattress. If you prefer to sleep on a soft bed, you might need to add an air mattress or foam pad on this one.

white leather futon under 200 dollars

8. Mainstays Metal Arm Futon With Mattress under $200

Apart from the cheap futon bed mentioned above, here's another affordable model that's extremely light, durable and comfortable and is below 200 dollars mark. If you have kids, this is perfect for your home. And if you're on a budget, again it's right for you.

metal futon with armrest black

Buyer's Guide

Should you really buy a futon? Well, they have their advantages, such as:

  • They are space-saving as they can double up to be beds and couches
  • They are highly affordable
  • If you're constantly on the move, a futon's right for you
  • They're perfect for students. Buyingcheap futons for your kids to use in the dorm is a great idea.
  • Now, you needn't stress over how to furnish your room on a low budget when you can easily buy affordablefutons.

Types of Futons

Japanese futon: This is made of a thin mattress filled with cotton, synthetic or wool.

Western futon: More in the shape of a couch, this mattress is set in a metal or wood frame which can be folded to become a chair. When laid flat, it is a couch.

The futon you choose depends on a variety of factors, such as:

Frame: What material should your frame be? The materials available are wood, metal and particle board and each has its distinct ere are advantages and disadvantages, so it helps to do your homework. Metal is lighter than wood, but the latter is more permanent.

Bi-fold Frames vs. Tri-fold Frames: You're likely to find bi-fold futon frames just about everywhere. These futons are structured like regular sofas with arms and legs, and the cushion is folded in the middle. Most bi-fold futon frames you see have a roller system that lets the futon frame be converted from the sitting to the sleeping position seamlessly. This system is known as the slider mechanism. Another kind of bi-fold frame is called the "wall-hugger" type because when folded down, it pulls away from the wall so that you needn't move the entire frame to convert your futon into a bed.

As the name suggests, tri-fold futon frames fold three times instead of their bi-fold counterparts that fold only twice. While some have legs, others are placed directly on the floor. The premium quality tri-folds come with legs that unfold so that you have a large sleeping area, just like those that go plonk on the floor.

Futon covers: Futons are widely used for sitting and sleeping, hence it's not surprising that there's always a rush to buy them. Your futon covers are exposed to those who sit on them, nibbling away at food or having a drink, so the possibility of them spilling their food and drink is high. To protect your mattress from unintentional spills, and general regular use is to put a cover on the mattress. With this, your futon cover is well protected and it also gives the futon a cheerful look. If you do spill something on it, just take it off and wash it.

Lifestyle: If you're an avid TV watcher, you want to be comfortable in your chair and nap when you want. For you, a futon chair is ideal.

Mattress: This will decide your comfort level, so be careful. The cheapest mattress is the coil spring one, but if you want the maximum comfort, get yourself a memory foam futon mattress. Any stress you feel will melt away as you sink into this mattress. Ensure that your mattress is allergen-resistant.

An accent piece: If you want your futon to be a head-turner in your drawing room, choose a leather futon. Not only is this much cooler than other types, it keeps you cool, no matter how long you sit in it.

How much should I pay?

Among all the different kinds of furniture that fill up a drawing or living room, a futon is among the cheaper ones. If you're on a budget, you can find a basic one costing about $100-$200. But for one with all the bells and whistles, be prepared to shell out $300-$500. A bed costs $800, so buying the best futon too saves you good money and gets you comfort.

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You probably realize that there's a vast range of futons and there's a lot to consider before actually zeroing down on any one. But if you consider the parameters discussed above, you will find it less complicated to choose the one you want and you will easy tell what is the best futon to buy. If you stick to the guide given above, ultimately you will be able to choose according to your individual needs and enjoy using it.

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