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Best Electric Chipper Shredder: 2017 Reviews and Guide

how to choose best electric chipper shredder

A chipper shredder is a machine than can reduce huge blocks of material into tiny little pieces without requiring any extra manual labour.

These machines can reduce a great deal of work, thus allowing you to use your time judiciously.

The focus of this article is reviewing the best domestic electric wood chipper shredder which is specifically used to handle logs, branches, shrubs, stalks and so on.

These machines cut down wood into smaller pieces thus increasing the versatility of their use, while also making them more easily portable.

Although chipping and shredding are different processes requiring different machines, many newer machines introduced into the market combine both the functionalities into one.

Best Electric Chipper Shredder on the market in 2017

There are a lot of products available nowadays, but below are the top electric wood chipper shredders for domestic purposes in 2017 with pros and cons:

1. Sun Joe Cj601E

Sun Joe Cj601E electric wood chipper shredder green

This chipper shredder is great for turning all the wooden scraps lying in your backyard into rich mulch. It is best used with smaller branches, lumbering remains, woodwork and carpentry leftovers, stalks and straws. You can use it for shredding the wood into various sizes, depending on the requirement. It has a 15 amp rotor and can chip wood up to 1.5 inches thick.

It is the best electric chipper for clearing the mess out of your backyard, especially after a storm or a hurricane. It also helps you manage your garden and farm wit much ease. If you catch up on amazon’s home chipper shredder reviews, you will see that this machine has indeed topped the list due to its versatility and efficiency.


  • The machine is approved by ETL and comes with a warranty of 2 years
  • The machine stops operating when the body is opened, hence making it safer than other chipper/ shredders
  • The machine makes 4300 revolutions per second, hence greatly reducing the operation time
  • It is powered by electric. So no mess like smoke, ash and fumes


  • It is very small and not appropriate for larger logs

2. Tazz chipper shredders K32

Tazz chipper shredders K32 green

This machine holds a favorable spot in the yard chipper shredder reviews. It has a 212cc viper engine and comes with a 5 year warranty. The machine has a superior vacuum kit with air holes for smooth functioning. In fact Tazz shredders have 20 % more airflow as compared to other machines of similar category. It also has a very big motor, for smooth cutting and shredding.

In case the raw materials get stuck inside the machine, forward and backward feeding is allowed. The many interesting features may make this the best chipper machine for household use.

The Tazz chipper shredder comes with wheels attached, which makes it very convenient to carry the machine around. It is also very compact and does not take up much area in your storage rooms. The machine has a sturdy built and is designed to withstand rough handling. The strong body ensures that bumping and banging do not cause much damage. This is important because chipper/shredder machines are always used in the fields where rough handling cannot be avoided.


  • Comes with a bag to collect the debris that comes out. So you will not be left with a pile of waste later on.
  • Has a large chute and therefore can be used for a large amount of wood in a single batch. The wide chute is perfect for mulching leaves


  • Although it does a great job of shredding, it does not give the finest shreds.
  • Noisy

3. Eco shredder ES 1600

Eco electric shredder yellow

This machine is exclusively for domestic use. It is very easy to use and comes with different sets of blades to be used as preferred by the consumer. The rotors are attached to 15 amp motor and are great for mulching, chipping as well as shredding.


  • Very clean and efficient way to take care of garden wastes.
  • Sleek body and rounded chute make the Eco shredder very easy to use


  • Very small and is only applicable for small amounts of mulches and scraps
  • Gets blocked quite often and that the instructions given in the manual are not very easy to follow

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