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Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets: 2018 Reviews

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A warm and cozy bed at the end of the tiring day is all you desire for while you are working so hard, don't you?

But an uncomfortable mattress or a rigid sheet is the last thing you probably want. Synthetic sheets may slide off the bed whereas the starchy cotton sheets may not give you the peace you need. 

It is the time for the change!

Try Egyptian cotton bed sheets and you will love it!

Considering the fact that it is always the sheets that touch you and your skin throughout the night while you complete your sleep, the bed sheets become all the more important than the mattresses or the bed. So a little investment on the sheet set would give you a relaxed night.


If you are buying the Egyptian cotton sheets for the first time, there is every possibility that you would lose sight and get confused. We provide you with a review of the five best Egyptian cotton sheets of 2018 that would definitely help you make a good decision:

Mellanni Bed Sheets

100 percent egyptian cotton striped bed

You don’t come across bed sheets that don’t fade easily. Even when you do, they always come along with high price tags. But Mellani bed sheets are an exception. Made of 450 thread count egyptian cotton, Mellani bed sheets are easy to clean, hardly ever fade and warm. It does not end there. The sheets are ideal not just for the master bedroom but also for the guest room, RV, bedroom and vacation home.

As far as size is concerned, Mellani bed sheets come in more than 3 different sizes. The most common size is the Twin size luxury 3 piece which measures 66x96 inches. This comes complete with a pillow case. It can easily fit into mattresses that measure up to 16 inches.

Other pros

· The bed sheets are affordable – This is one of the main reasons the brand has received a 4.5 rating out of five in several online stores.

· Easy care – This has a lot to do with the fact that Mellani is made from high grade Egyptian cotton. You can machine the sheets in cold. It also dries within a short time on tumble. The best part however is the fact that it is wrinkle, stain and fade resistant.

· Lifetime guarantee – You know a brand cares when they offer you a lifetime warranty. That is exactly what Mellanni does. It offers a 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked.


· You cannot wash the sheets with other colors – This means you may spend hours hand washing the sheets.

· Cannot withstand direct sunlight – like most other bed sheets, this one easily fades when exposed to the sun for long.

Sferra Grande Hotel Cotton Sheet

italian egyptian cotton white

There is a reason why 5 start hotels love Sferra bed sheets. Durable, soft and with the ability to stand several washing cycles, there is no way you can go wrong with Sferra. They are available in Twin XL, Twin, Queen and Kind Size. Then there is the fact that Sferra cotton sheets feature thread counts of 800 and beyond which is always recommended for anyone looking for high end Egyptian cotton bedsheets.

More pros

· Very easy to wash – You can either hand-wash the sheets or machine-wash them.

· Durable – they are made to last, with the ability to stand several washing cycles.

· Made of fine cotton – you won’t have to worry about hanging threads or splitting seams.


· Slightly expensive

· Cannot withstand direct sunlight for long

Dream Fit 4 Cotton Sheet

egyptian cotton sateen set grey

There is no doubt at all that Dream Fit 4 is a brand to reckon with as far as 100% Egyptian cotton sheets are concerned. With a threat count of 400 and seams that never split, this is by far the best choice you can make when looking for both value priced and cheap Egyptian cotton sheets. It is made of single ply Egyptian cotton which means you’re guaranteed warmth all night.


· Comes complete with deep pockets – The pockets measure up to 22 inches thick

· Very easy to wash – You can either machine wash the sheets or hand wash them.

· Convenient full set – The full set comes complete with an oversized flat sheet that measures 94x110 inches.


· They only come in limited colors – These include snow, twilight, champagne and truffle.

· Too warm for summer - This is both a con and a pro because you will enjoy the sheets during winter.

Pinzon 400

400 thread count egyptian cotton set

400 here refers to thread count. That is not the best part though. Pinzon is made of 100% Egyptian cotton. The sheets feature pleated hems that easily lend extra softness and elegance to your bedroom. It gets better with the fact that you can choose from a wide range of colors. Just like all the other Egyptian cotton sheets in the market, Pinzon gets better and better as it ages. It is almost like wine. The price will impress you, just as much as the quality will. Keep in mind that you can use Pinzon bed sheets in the master bedroom as well as in the kid’s bedroom.


· Very easy to wash – You won’t struggle with the bed sheets should you choose to hand wash or machine wash them.

· Very affordable

· Lasts for long

· Strong seams – the seams will stay intact for long without coming off

· Deep pockets – the pockets are up to to 22 inches thick

· It dries within a short time when washed


· They come in limited colors – Pinzon bed sheets only come in mocha, cloud, sterling, parchment and truffle colors.

· Too warm for summer

· Cannot withstand direct sunlight for long

· Colors like cloud and parchment cannot be washed with other colors

Charter club opulence sheet

800 thread count egyptian cotton set white

With charter club, you can be sure of slipping into luxury every night. It is so far one of the highest rated bed sheets not just for one reason but many. With silky smooth texture that brings about the sensations of finely brushed cotton weaves, there is no way anyone can go wrong with Charter club opulence. You can also be sure of deep pockets which mean you can forget instances of bed sheets slipping off the corners of the mattress when you’re trying to catch some sleep. In a nutshell, the bed sheet is extremely comfortable.

Other pros

· High quality fabric – There are not so many 800 thread count egyptian cotton sheets out there. This is one of the few available. It features a threat count of 800.

· Machine washable

· Comprehensive set – a set features one flat sheet, two pillows, one standard and one king size and 2 other fitted size sheets.

· Very comfortable and warm – this has much to too with the high grade Egyptian cotton the sheet is made of.

· Very affordable

· Very easy to clean – This is mainly because it is stain and wrinkle resistant.


· Too much direct sunlight can take a toll on the bed sheet

It gets too warm during summer

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