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5 Non Stick Best Egg Poaching Devices On The Market

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Eggs are the important part of almost every breakfast, brunch, or dinner and poached eggs are among the most popular meals on the planet, but to prepare them, you’ll need a quality egg poacher. There are literally hundreds of different products in the market, but we will help you in selecting the proper egg poacher pan for your needs. First of all, let us guide you through all the benefits and things to watch when buying the egg poaching device.

Why are the eggs good for us?

Eggs are quite healthy and full of proteins, so one or two eggs for breakfast should keep you satisfied for a few hours because they are the nutrient-rich food. They are full of crucial vitamins such as selenium, choline, B12, and D, all of which are excellent in boosting metabolism and general health. Choline is good as it increases the retention of memory, while it will also provide cerebral stimulation, and zeaxanthin and lutein are preventing cataracts and give protection to your eyes from UV rays. Eggs are a low-calorie food with plenty of proteins, so there are no better options for a healthy breakfast.

Important features when buying an egg poacher

Before we continue with the products, it is important to know all the features and comparisons between them, so you’ll get precisely what you’re looking for, so you should know these things about the egg poachers.

1. Different types of materials

Most of the egg poachers are made of stainless steel or anodized aluminum, so it can be used on a stovetop, while the materials guarantee the long life of an egg poaching device. When it comes to a non stick egg poacher, it is usually made of plastic, but by the regulations, it must be a BPA-free, so when plastic gets in contact with food, you will not suffer from evaporation that can be hazardous.

2. Capacity and type

There are several types of egg poachers, depending on the number of eggs and the utility, so we have poachers for electric use, microwave, and stovetop. Then, there is a single egg poacher if you want to prepare an egg just for yourself; there are the ones that can hold several eggs in case you need to poach more, and there are the egg cups, good for putting a raw egg in a pan of boiling water.

3. Maintenance and usability

When selecting an egg poacher pan, keep in mind that is the best to pick one with lid included, so all the steam will stay inside the pan and spread the heat equally, which is great for eggs to be evenly cooked. The transparent lid is likely the best choice because, you will get the insight on how the eggs are going, so you can prevent overcooking. Also, have a look at the ones with a stay-cool handle, or else, you could burn your fingers.

When it comes to cleaning, the hand washing is not a problem at all, but you can clean it in a dishwasher as well. Electric egg poachers are excellent in reducing water evaporation and overheating as they usually come with an automatic shut-off option.

Top Rated Egg Poacher Pans On The Market in 2017 – 2018

We went through numerous best egg poacher reviews we could find, and after a vast research, we came with these following results, so check out our list of top five products.

1. Simply Calphalon Nonstick 4-cup Egg Poacher

This fantastic egg poacher has the capacity of four eggs, and it is made from sturdy hard-anodized aluminum, making it perfect for the stovetop. It comes with a tempered glass lid that is transparent, so you can track the progress of your poached eggs, while the silicone handle will secure you from getting unpleasant burns on your fingers. The pan is not only good for poaching eggs, but you can also use it for frying bacon or making a sauce to go with your eggs.

Although it is primarily designed for stovetop, this Calphalon pan can be used in the oven as well, as it can withstand the temperature up to 400°F. When it comes to washing, cleaning it in a dishwashing machine is not recommendable, so you will have to do it with your hands instead, but it’s not a big deal, and will be done in a matter of minutes.


  • Top quality material
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Stay-cool silicone handle
  • Comes with ten-year warranty
  • It is safe to use it in the oven


  • Can be tricky when cleaning
  • Not suitable for extra-large eggs

2. Endurance 1-Egg Poacher Set

If you are preparing eggs just for one, you will be delighted with this single egg poacher that measures 9-1/2” x 4-1/4” x 3-3/4”, and it is outstanding for making Egg Benedict, thanks to its suitable shape. It comes with a removable egg cup, while the non-transparent lid and small handle are also included. The interior is nonstick, so you don’t have to worry about all the mess, and it’s also a dishwasher safe, which is handy when you don’t have enough time to clean it manually.

Using this pan is quite simple; you just need to crack an egg and put it into an egg cup in the water, and in several minutes you will have your poached egg ready, so all you have to do is to take a silicon spatula and swoop it. The egg will maintain its perfect shape, thanks to the nonstick interior.


  • Compact and stable model
  • Ideal for Egg Benedict
  • The non stick egg poacher
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Affordable price


  • The lid is non-transparent
  • Small for big or medium burners

3. Excelsteel 18/10 Stainless 6 Non Stick Egg Poacher

Likely the best egg poacher for three to six persons, this Excelsteel is a great option when you have several mouths to feed, thanks to its capacity of six eggs. The chrome-nickel stainless steel will keep the rust away for years, while the nonstick interior is making it easy to clean and maintain. All six of the poaching insets are removable, of course, but the only downside is that their handles are not stay-cool, so be careful when handling it to not get any burns on your fingers.

However, the main handle is stay-cool, while the lid is transparent so you can monitor the readiness of your poached eggs. While it can be tricky to wash it manually, this pan is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to worry about all the mess and time you’d need to clean it.


  • Fantastic price
  • Large capacity, excellent to feed several people
  • High-quality material
  • Resistant to stains and rust
  • Suitable for dishwashing


  • The interior handles are not stay-cool
  • Without cooking instructions

4. Norpro Silicone Microwave Double Egg Poacher

The most affordable egg poacher on this list, the Norpro is unique because of its silicone material, and it can be used in both microwave and stovetop. Its capacity is two eggs, and it comes with a transparent lid that is made of plastic. However, the cover is not entirely compatible with the bottom, and it doesn’t snap with it, so that’s kinda unhandy.

The silicon is quite heat resistant, and it will withstand up to 450°F, but you should keep in mind that you must put the lid on when poaching in the microwave. When it comes to cleaning, this double egg poacher is dishwasher safe, but you can also do it manually in a matter of seconds.


  • Extremely cheap egg poacher
  • Can withstand up to 450°F
  • Suitable for both stovetop and microwave
  • Stable feet
  • Transparent lid


  • The lid and the bottom are not quite compatible
  • The base is rather flexible

5. VonShef 7- Egg Electric Cooker

This multi practical egg poacher is not only good for poaching, but it can also boil eggs, which is the feature that other products on this list don’t have. It is made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, so you don’t have to worry about toxic evaporation. The lid is also included, as well as measuring cup for water, while the capacity is seven boiled eggs, and one poached egg.

The VonShef 7 is only of these five models that work on electricity rather than the stovetop or microwave, but it has an automatic power turn off, so when it’s done with work, this egg poaching device will turn off itself. It will take from seven to ten minutes to boil seven eggs, while it is quicker to poach an egg. Cleaning it is not recommendable to be done in the dishwasher, so you’ll have to use your hands instead.


  • Appealing design
  • Indicator light for on/off
  • 2 in 1 product, can boil and poach eggs
  • High build quality
  • Large capacity


  • Doesn’t have sound alerts to signify the end of cooking
  • The egg piercing needle could work better


If you cannot imagine your breakfast without poached eggs, getting the quality egg poacher is a necessity, and we are here to help you in selecting the right one. We spent quite some time on researching and reading the best egg poacher reviews, and there isn’t a single egg poaching pan on this list that we wouldn’t use for ourselves, so keep calm and follow our tips.
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