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Best Dog Beds of 2018: Review and Buying Guide

puppy in red small dog bed

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. One can always recollect instances when dogs have played crucial roles in security and other acts. That makes it an obvious reason to have dogs as pets. But one is sure to take up some guidance while taking proper care of this good creature, one of them being buying a good dog bed.

Well, we come to your rescue. We have here the buying guide for deciding on the best dog beds for your good friend and we also provide you a review on the top rated dog beds for the 2018.

Why do you need a quality dog bed?

Well, a rug or a blanket could be a replacement. So you think it that way! Believe me, your dog would show its appreciation after a good night’s sleep or a little nap in the afternoon.

Good for the body

Though a comfort item for most of the dogs, yet a necessity for the big and the older dogs. A good quality dog bed provides support to the weight of the dog when it lies down to rest. These big and overweight dogs do have some problems on their hips while moving around and do need a comfortable area to rest. The dog bed gives this comfort.

Insulation from weather

The bed provides good insulation from extreme weather conditions. It is now not exposed to the chilly winters or the hot summers while it had to lie on the floor be it marbled, tiled or carpeted. The elevated dog bed is a comfortable zone and is not affected by the extremes of the weather changes.

Good for your furniture

Your dog would find a place for itself on the couch or the bed for the night. Now this would cause some wear and tear to the furniture that is made up of leather, fabric or wood. So putting a separate dog bed would define the sleeping area of the dog and would save your other furniture. Further cleaning up of the shed hair would also be easier.

Feeling of own zone

The dog knows where to rest at night. It is the own zone for the dog. This would be a great feeling to pet self being. It is their area where they spend around 12 hrs in a day sleeping. A comfortable dog bed gives the place to your pet to unwind and relax.

What to look for in a good dog bed

You must have often questioned yourself - what is the best dog bed for my dog?

What should I look for before buying the dog bed?

Or if you are just looking for ideas on how to make a dog bed yourself check the video below:

This furniture should not be just any ordinary dog bed that will serve the purpose temporarily and will land you in the shop again. You need to investigate carefully so that it lasts for a long time. Be aware of the qualities as well.

Here is a short list of qualities that you would love your dog bed to have:


The dog bed is going to be the dog’s area and the treatment to the bed by its owner could be rough. Now you should be more careful about the make. It should be strong enough to sustain the use. The frame of the bed should be strong and durable.


The dog bed is to be taken as furniture in the living room, though meant only for the pet dog. It should go well with the other furniture in the room. But the most important thing here is that the design should be such that the dog finds it easy to climb up and curl itself up in it. It should not be too high for the pet. Moreover, it should also not have many designs branching out that may hurt the animal or any other being.


The dog would be spending much time on the dog bed; hence the bed has to be good for the animal. Look only for the comfortable dog beds for your pet which are properly cushioned. They should be soft yet firm. Nowadays you can get dog beds on Amazon with orthopedic cushions. They are known to provide a strong support to the animal.


The washability factor is also a concern while buying. The dog beds need to be washed as a routine. The dogs tend to get mud, fleas, bacteria and also the shed hair. So these need to be cleaned to keep the dog free from any other problem. Look for the furniture that can be cleaned at home itself. Many come with a removable cover that can be cleaned in the washing machine itself. Research on best washable dog bed before going in for the purchase.

Top Rated Dog beds for 2018 –A Review

After studying your pet dog, you are sure to have understood the features or the essentials that your purchase should have. There are many types and varieties of dog beds available in the market and on E-com sites that would still leave you baffled and would not allow you to make a decision.

You also have the option of plastic dog beds that come quite cheap. But then you have to be very sure of the rug and the foam that you want to put on it. Though these could be placed outside and also cleaned easily, there have been feedbacks of these not being very comfortable. We present here a review of the top rated dog beds that have been quite popular with the dog owners.

Big Barker 7 Inch Pillow Orthopedic Bed for Large and Extra Large Breed Dogs

As the name suggests, this Big Barker 7” pillow dog bed rates the best in the group. It is rated the best in large dog beds and extra large dog beds. The head rest provided in the dog bed makes your dog feel like the king or the queen of the house.

orthopedic large dog bed

This is gonna be heavy on your purse but the high cost is justified by the quality. The microfiber cover and the American orthopedic foam inside provide a comfort area to the large dogs. The foam also provides support to the large canines while they relieve their stress of carrying their heavy weights. This bed is quite durable and does not flatten or get lumpy with usage.

The bed comes in three sizes and in three colours to suit the interiors of your home. The manufacturers give a warranty of ten years. The bed lining can be washed easily in the machine like the regular linings.

However, it is quite uncomfortable to the small breeds.

Nowadays even a sleek edition is made available from the same manufacturers. The texture is good. It feels smooth and soft. The cushion is also quite soft and relaxes the limbs. However the head rest is missing in this edition.

BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed 

BarksBar have been a savior in terms of providing comfortable snuggly Dog Beds at low budget prices. With a price as low as a hundred dollar, the material provided is good quality.

non slip orthopedic foam bed grey

The feature that makes it better than the other beds is the bed lining that is made up of non slip backing rubber. This material stops the bed from sliding around. The bed is made up of 4 inches of solid and grooved orthopedic foam. This foam base provides comfort and relaxes the canines with joint pains. It improves health and mobility at the same time.

The cushioned rim provides relief and support to the neck of the canine as well. The bed can hold weights of 100 pounds.

Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed for medium to large dogs

This dog bed is known for its durability. The interior foam in the bed is claimed to be 4 times heavier and about 5 times denser than the regular forms.

durable blue bed with external case

The foam is 3.2 pound in weight and 4 inches thick. It has the further support of two layers of high quality fabric and is covered by the water proof inter zip cover to absorb any dampness. The whole built gives your pet a balance between comfort and support that it needs while resting.

Denim used in the outer layer feels good to your dog’s skin. However, you may replace this cover with the extra one provided by the manufacturers. This extra cover is the Micro Suede cover. The covers can be washed easily at home with cold water. These can then be dried in shade and zipped again.

However regular cleaning of the covers is quite necessary to protect the covers and the dogs from mites, fleas and bacteria. It has been rated high as best Washable Dog Bed.

The dog bed comes in seven sizes; the smallest one being in the size 30x20x4 whereas the largest one is 55x47x4. Bed also comes in five different colours and 3 different fabrics giving the owner good choice. 

The dog bed is however not meant for the smaller dogs that would not get the comforts from the bed owing to their less weight.

Kuranda Chewproof Raised Dog Bed - medium sized dogs

This dog bed comes in the category of elevated dog bed. It can be said to be specific product for the dogs having thick fur. The dog bed is recommended by the dog lovers and owners as a good purchase for the internal usage for the medium sized dogs. It is also suggested as the chew proof dog bed.

indestructible pvc black dog bed

The elevated mesh fabric ensures that the dog remains cool, dry and comfortable throughout the night. The fabric is quite durable and competes with the canvas. It is also abrasion resistance and gives traction or grip to the animal while it is jumping into the bed or moving out of it.

The legs of the bed are strong enough and are made of 6 inches PVC colored in the walnut shade. The frame is strong and supports the dogs with weights of up to 125 pounds.

The manufacturers give a range of five sizes for your purchase. The small comes in 30 inches by 20 inches. We also get medium, large, extra large and extra extra large (XXL) that comes with the measurements of 50 inches by 36 inches. The cover for the dog bed comes in a range of four colors again - Burgundy, Forest Green, Khaki, and Smoke.

The dog bed is designed such that your dog that is in the habit of chewing and ripping things apart would not be able to do so here. The edges of the Condura cover fabric is hidden inside the frame of the bed itself discouraging the dog from chewing or ripping the bed. This makes it a  very good chew resistant Dog Bed, almost indestructible.

Easily washable and fairly easy to wipe off the fur from the fabric. You can also get a polished look by just giving a warm water rug with allergen free soap. The bed comes with a one year warranty for the replacement of the parts that get damaged within a year. The manufacturers suggest the aluminum variety for the dogs that have the chewing habit in excess. This purchase would be value for money.

And what is better than a Kuranda dog bunk bed when you have limited space for more than one dog. This design is for the owners of two or more dogs. The beds are placed one above the other at a distance so that both the dogs of the same size are comfortable.

Snoozer Luxury Corner Dog Bed for small breeds of dogs

Now comes the piece that is just the thing for your smaller breeds. The snoozer Luxury Corner Dog Bed is one of the most looked for Luxury Dog Bed for your small apartment or house. The bed is so designed to save a lot of space in the house. It gets adjusted in the corner of the house. Great if favorite place of rest for your pet is any corner of the house.

luxury corner dog bed brown

The high density foam and the cushioned interior made of poly filled material provide the perfect comfort for your dog. The cushioned interior is heavily stuffed to prevent your dog from sinking in completely. This way it does not touch the ground and gets the proper support while relaxing.

These luxury dog beds come in three sizes – small, medium and large. You can also choose from a variety of colours to suit the interiors of your house. All the sizes come in multi colours. The two toned beds come in Buckskin/ Java, Butter/ Black, Camel/ Olive, Dark Chocolate/ Buckskin, Saddle/ Butter, Anthracite/ Black, Red/ Black, Peat/Coffee, Black/ Herringbone and Hot Fudge/ Cafe colors. The nice combination of colors blends with the walls in your house.

The cover of these designer bed can be removed easily and done away with washing and cleaning. These dry up easily as well.

Buyer’s Guide

A little research on the dog itself can help you in deciding what you need to look for while buying. The many dog beds available in the market may confuse you. But you need to decide on the one that your dog would like and feel comfortable in. Carry out the following at home itself to understand the dog needs properly.

Measure and weigh your dog

Measure the dog while it is lying on his sides so that you get a proper measure. The image on the web may look bigger than the actual size. Also in case you have a puppy with you, you should know the size to which it would grow into so that the bed you purchase would remain for years to come. 

Many dog beds also have a limit on the weight they can handle. So you need to make sure that the bed is good for the weight of your pet and can sustain it for quite some time. The dog weight increases very rapidly in the growing years. So see for the maximum limit of the bed that it should hold.

Extra Small Dog Bed: This extra small dog bed is best suited for the mini or the small breeds of dog that weigh less than 20 pounds. These could be the rectangular or the round varieties. The rectangular one would measure 16 inches by 21 inches whereas the round one would be 30 inches to 36 inches in diameter. This is best for small breeds like Chihuahuas, Pekingese, Pomerians and such other tiny dogs.

Small Dog beds: These small dog beds are good for the breeds that weigh between 20 pounds to 25 pounds. They come in two shapes again – the rectangular version and the round version. The rectangular one is 18 inches by 23 inches whereas the round one is somewhat like 36 inches in diameter. These dog beds are best for the Boston Terriers, Scottish Terriers, Pugs and the Dachshunds and such other breeds.

Medium size Dog Beds: If you own a dog that weighs around 25 pounds to 45 pounds, you should decide on a medium sized dog bed. The rectangular bed would measure around 21 inches by 28 inches and 36 – 45 inches in diameter if it is a round bed. This medium size is best for your Cocker Spaniels, Springer Spaniels, French Bulldogs, and the like.

Large Dog Beds: Large dog beds can be comfortable for the dogs that weigh in the range of 45 pounds to 70 pounds. The rectangular shape of this bed would be 24 inches by 36 inches. The round shape is to the maximum of 52 inches in diameter. The large dogs generally like to stretch while sleeping. Hence the beds would be comfortable for them. You should go for this size if you have a Boxer or any other dog of its size like the Bulldog or the Golden Retriever. This is also for Greyhound, Pointer, Husky, or Standard Poodle.

Extra Large Dog beds: This size is even bigger with a diameter of more than 52 inches in the round shape. The size of the rectangular shape of the extra large dog bed would be 28 inches by 43 inches. These are right for the animals weighing over 70 pounds. These suit the heavier breeds like the Bernese Mountain Dogs, German Shepherds, Irish Wolfhounds or the Malamutes.

Sleeping habits and ways of relaxation

Now this study is necessary to know if the dog would like the bed in spite of it being of good quality. The bed should match the sleeping position of the dogs; else they end up sleeping on your bed.

Some dogs would like to curl up and sleep, a big flat bed would not be liked by them, rather a soft bed with built in covers would be more appropriate. A few of them would like to sleep on their back with feet in the air; there are still who stretch out while sleeping. So the right size of the bed also matters here. Besides, the elevation of the bed from the ground is also to be considered here.

Favorite resting place

Check if the pet has a favorite place to rest himself. If it has so, then it would still lie down at this place even if you get a comfortable bed anywhere else for it. So try to put the dog bed in the place where it likes. In case it likes to sleep outside the house, maybe in the portico or the lobby.. Then your dog bed should be more durable and strong to withstand the sun and the rain if you intend to put it as per the pet’s choice.


Consider the material to be used in the bed. You may opt for the orthopedic foam filling or the fibre filling. This depends on the size and weight of the animal as well. You also need to think of the covers. This would now again depend on the likes and choice of the dog.

Look for the habits and likes of the pet dog. The dog may like the soft covers or may be more inclined for the scratchy fabrics. Make sure that you are not using any material that your pet is allergic or sensitive to.

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Hopefully the above dog bed reviews give a good idea on the various available furniture in the market. You may decide on the type and the build or on the size, weight, nature and other habits of your pet dog. You may also have to consider the space where you intend to put it. No doubt the dog bed provides support and comfort to the pooch and makes him feel like a family member being given its own space.

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