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Best Cartoon Bedding for Toddlers and Older Kids: List of Our 15 Favourite Sets

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As you set out to shop or rather choose bedding for your children, preference seems to take the center stage. However kids nowadays have their own ideas on what exactly they like for their bedding, depending on factors like age and gender. This list is to help you choose the best cartoon bedding for toddlers and older kids.

Pink bedding for girls

ping bedding set

These are mostly for little girls and teenagers.

They could be either in hot pink, light pink or normal pink. Bedding range from bed sheets, pillows, duvets, comforters to bed spreads.

When buying them, one should put into consideration the color scheme of the room in order to select the correct shade of pink. If you want to see a beautiful, bright bedroom for your young daughter, you will not go wrong with this.

Minecraft bedding

minecraft bedding set

They are characterized by designs of blocks in square shapes. You are provided with an irresistible selection of colors ranging from: brown, blue to green. They are recommended for boys since these colors and the patterns are just simple.

If nicely accessorized with similar minecraft items in the bedroom like curtains, wall hangings or even study desks; a complete Minecraft themed bedroom for young boys is created.

Star wars bedding

star wars bedding set

They are characterized by images of war or fights and therefore best for boys. They range from comforters, bed sheets to even toys.

Pokemon bedding

pokemon bedding set

These bedding have pokeman cartoon picture on them, from the white, black and red poke ball and therefore are best suited for young kids. They are okay for both boys and girls.

Depending on if you are buying for a girl or a boy, you can choose either bright or dull colors. They range from comforters, bed sheets to blankets.

Batman bedding

batman bedding set

These bedding are to be used by young boys. They mostly have pictures of the batman versus superman whom most boys associate with. Put in a boy’s bedroom, they clearly depict a kid aspiring to be a superhero.

A full set comprising comforters, pillows, pillow covers as well as bed sheets is required to bring out the best look in the room.

My little pony bedding

my little pony bedding set

Come highly recommended to be used for girl’s bedrooms: they are in bright colors, pink and purple, which are favorite colors for girls. They also have cartoon pictures of beautiful pony-girls.

They come in duvet covers, bed sheets set, pillows and can easily be accessorized with matching drapes and wall stickers. Consider also a matching bedside rug, toys and bedside lamps to bring out a spectacular look in the girls bedroom.

Disney bedding

disney bedding set

Because of the color selection, they can be used for both boys and girls. They come with images of Mickey Mouse. This therefore makes them eligible for use by younger children just old enough to seat down and enjoy watching cartoons.

Dull blue or brown colors will give your boys room a great look whereas a pink or purple will work for the girls. Other colors like white can work for either.

Harry potter bedding

harry potter bedding set

These are characterized by the image of Harry Porter. Some are just plain and dominated by the image. Others have different colors while some have diamond shapes. Although they might seem to be the best for boys because of the color selection, some have colors that can perfectly blend in a girl room.

All that is required of these is proper matching with other items in the room.

Thomas the train bedding

thomas the train bedding set

These are characterized by images of train or the famous Thomas the tank, rescue vehicles and rail road. It is recommended for toddlers: with an entertaining aspect of their best characters before they go to bed. They also can enjoy this program without having to leave their rooms as the images almost bring to life the story.

Consider those that are made from cotton and polyester as they provide a soft, smooth and comfortable feel for the young one. They are available in multiple colors for both boys and girls.

Paw patrol bedding

paw patrol bedding set

They are recommended for toddlers as they come in different colors with the images of characters from paw patrol cartoons. Apart from the comforters and pillows, drapes and wall stickers are also available to accessorize the room.

Ninja turtles bedding

ninja turtles bedding set

They mostly come in bold bright comfortable colors; bearing the images of the mutant ninja turtles. They can be used by both boys and girls depending on color selection as well as toddlers and teenagers.

Avengers bedding

avengers bedding set

They come in bold and eye catching colors. Those with the hulk, tho and iron man are best for boys who consider themselves as super heros. They are made from micro fiber that is to care for and can be washed using a machine.

They bring an action filled themes unique mostly with the boys.

Alice in wonderland bedding

alice in wonderland bedding set

These are highly recommended for girls. They come with images of the character Alice in the cartoon Alice in wonderland. The pink and purple blend of colors is perfect for a girl’s bedroom.

From the comforters, blankets, sheets to pillows, your daughter travels to the land of wonder without ever leaving their room.

Winnie the Pooh

winnie the pooh bedding set

Characterized by images of the character Winnie the Pooh, these are recommended for toddlers. From the normal bedding set, they also come with a nursery set for your baby.

Colors can be chosen depending on the color scheme of the bedroom and the gender of your baby.

Monster high bedding

monster high bedding set

Images of characters like Frankie stein, Dracula among others are evident in these sets. They also come in bright colors that can help you bring a stunning look to your child’s room.

They are made of cotton and the variety of colors makes them good for both boys and girls.

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Choosing your baby rooms bedding has never been this easy, simply choose the correct cartoon characters and colors that match your kid’s preference and probably bring out their character.

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