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Best Bathroom Vanities For Small Bathroom 2017 Reviews

cosy bathroom with small cabinets

Having a small bathroom can be a pain in the neck, especially if you are not a single.

Living with your partner, or even having kids, can bring a lot of stuff to your bathroom. You will need to find a proper bathroom vanity where you can put all things you need, but at the same time, you have to save the space and make it a comfort to use.

To help you find the best bathroom vanities for small bathroom here is our list of five top products on the market in 2017:

Legion Furniture WLF6020-G 24″ Single Sink Bathroom Vanity with Ceramic Sink Top, Gray Finish

gray small bathroom vanity with ceramic sink


With the small dimensions, 24 x 18.8 x 34 inches this Legion Furniture Single Sink Bathroom Vanity is a good choice if you have a small bathroom. It is made from ceramic and with a gray finish it will fit nicely into every bathroom.

This vanity doesn’t fasten to the wall, and the sink top is made to have a gap rather than being tight to the wall. The look of the sink is pretty modern with a rectangular shape, but it doesn’t drain as well as a round sink. The doors are produced from a single piece of MDF (medium density fiberboard), and with flexible hinges, everything fits perfectly. If you are looking for the best quality bathroom vanities, we highly recommend this Legion Furniture Vanity.


  • High quality made, especially for the price
  • Will fit perfectly into any small bathroom because of the tiny dimensions
  • Right combination of ceramic and MDF materials, solidly built and durable


  • No significant issues, however, a rectangular sink doesn’t drain as well as a round sink

Vanity Art 24 inch Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set with Ceramic Top and Mirror VA3124-G

silver single sink bathroom vanity


If you choose this Vanity Art Set beside the vanity and the sink you will get a mirror, too. Dimensions are perfect for a small bathroom – 24 x 18.5 x 36, so you can be sure it will save some space. The vanity is made from plywood and oak while the countertop is made from the artificial stone. We can say this is a good quality made product.

You will need to buy faucet separately because it is not included, but don’t worry because holes for faucets are nicely drilled to typical size. This vanity set is easy enough to install so that you won’t need liquid glue or anything similar. Also, the producer gives a one year warranty against any manufacture defect.


  • Dimensions are perfect for a small bathroom – 24 x 18.5 x 36
  • Good quality made for a decent price
  • Mirror is included
  • One year warranty against any manufacture defect


  • No real problems, but be careful when you are buying faucets – be sure it will fit into holes, just to save your money

Design House 545053 Wyndham White Semi-Gloss Vanity Cabinet with 1-Door and 2-Drawers

small white bathroom cabinet with drawer


With a white semi-gloss finish this stylish vanity could be a great addition if you have a small bathroom. With tiny dimensions – 24 x 31.5 x 21, it will fit well, but also it will give you enough space for the bathroom stuff. It has one door, but with two drawer construction, it will make you enough storage space and your countertop will be clean. It looks like a solid made vanity and some users label it as very durable.

Assembly is quite easy, and you will get clear and detailed instructions how to do it. The only issue with this product – the vanity top or a sink is not included, so you will have to buy it separately.


  • A lot of space for your bathroom stuff with only one door and two drawer construction
  • Stylish and quite durable
  • Easy to assemble, comes with detailed instructions


  • The sink is not included (maybe that’s why it is so cheap)


 white narrow cabinet and sink side view


The name of this product says a lot – if you need a vanity for a small bathroom, but this is one of the best quality bathroom vanities you can find on the market. It is made from wood with chrome handles for drawers, and with such small dimensions, this could be the best selection for your small bathroom.

Beautifully produced with only one door and one bottom drawer, this vanity will give you adequate storage space, but also you will get an extra space in your bathroom – that’s how small, but practical this Finfixtures vanity is.

We looked for any drawback, but in the end, we didn’t find one. It just looks solid made and durable, and even the price is appropriate.


  • Exceptionally well-made vanity, ideal for small bathrooms
  • Practical construction – gives you more storage space and more room in your bathroom
  • Excellent quality for the price


  • Maybe it will sound strange, but there are no issues with this product.

Foremost Corsicana 26 in. Single Bathroom Vanity

small white vanity front view


This Foremost single vanity will fit well into every small bathroom. Dimensions are 25.5 x 19 x 36 inches, and it is made entirely from wood and veneers. The sink is specially made to keep cabinet free of moisture.

It looks quite elegant and nice looking, but also it is a solidly built vanity. It is a bit pricey product, but you will get a good quality for your money.


  • Ideal for small bathroom
  • Good quality production
  • Specially made sink to protect the cabinet from the moisture


  • A bit pricey


Finding a right vanity for your small bathroom can be a tricky task. You need something small but still practical with enough storage space for your bathroom stuff. If you have a partner or kids, it can be even harder to choose the right one. Maybe the best place to buy bathroom vanities is on the Internet, so we hope that our list will help you to select the best for you and your family.

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