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An Introduction To Indoor And Outdoor Water Features

Installing a water feature is a great way to create an attractive, relaxing environment in your home, garden, office, or just about any other space. Today, there are even solar-powered water features that can be used in areas where there is no access to electricity. Finding the ideal fountain is easy since there are so many different styles available. Whether you are looking for something sleek and modern or something more traditional, you should be able to find exactly what you need.

Water Feature Types And Styles

Water features can be made from a wide range of materials including the ones listed below:

Stainless steel – Fountains and water features that are made out of stainless steel tend to look extremely modern. Because stainless steel resists rusting, they stand up well to the weather. As an added bonus, the shiny metal surface of the stainless steel helps to reflect light, bouncing the light around the space in adding to the beauty of the fountain or water feature.

Resin – Water features that are made out of polyresin can be designed to look like a wide range of natural materials including rocks and stones. Not only are these water features inexpensive when compared to those made out of other materials but they are also extremely lightweight. That makes them easy to move around.

Glass – Fountains and water features that are made out of glass often feature integrated lighting. The lights are used to enhance the look of the water moving throughout the water feature. Some modern glass fountains even incorporate color-changing light bulbs.

Natural stone – Throughout history, natural stone has been one of the most popular materials for creating water features. From granite to slate, stone fountains can either have natural surfaces or polished surfaces. Some even have lights Incorporated into their design to add to the overall look. Look at these from Soothing Company

One of the best things about today’s water fountains is that they usually just need to be plugged in, requiring very little in the way of installation.

Choosing The Right Location For Your Water Feature

You can place a water feature just about anywhere. You just need to make sure that the cable is long enough to reach an electrical outlet. You may find it beneficial to place the water feature next to a wall or fence – particularly if the back of the water feature is flat. Freestanding water features, on the other hand, may look best when they are placed in an area where there is plenty of room around them. Experiment with different placements until you find one that you love.

Tips For Powering Your Water Feature

Most water features use a weatherproof low-voltage transformer. Even though the transformer is designed to withstand the rain, you should still place it in an area where it can drain freely. Ideally, it should be located inside of a shed or garage. If that is impossible, a weatherproof cover can provide protection, extending the transformer’s lifespan. Keep in mind, the transformer will usually get hot when the water fountain is running.

If you are plugging your water feature into an outlet, make sure that the outlet is waterproof. Ideally, a residual current device (RCD) circuit breaker should be used anytime you are plugging in a fountain.

Taking Care Of Your Water Feature

Investing in a water feature is a great way to put the perfect finishing touch on your outdoor space. To keep it looking its best, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Regularly check the water level to make sure that the pump is completely underwater.
  • Change the water on a regular basis, making sure that it is clean. Add more water as needed.
  • Use a product like Fountain Fresh to minimize contaminants in the water
  • Periodically clean out the fountain using a soft cloth and some warm water.
  • Make sure the power to the pump is shut off before performing any maintenance.
  • Avoid allowing the pump to run if the fountain is dry. Doing so can damage the fountain and can void the warranty on your water feature.