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All You Need To Know About The Hydroseeding Process

Hydro-seeding is a planting technology that dates back to the 1940s when the State of Connecticut first tried and tested it on one of its steep highway slopes. An employee working for the highway department discovered that mixing seed, mulch, and water would give a mixture with higher chances of germinating and growing on the otherwise inaccessible slopes. This technology has advanced and the modern hydro-seeding process involves mixing water, wood fiber, soil stabilizer and seed in the right proportions using a hydro-seeding equipment.

The Hydro-seeding process

With the advancement in technology, the hydro-seeding process has become way easy and affordable as compared to the 19s. Each component added into the mixture has a role to play in the germination process. Water acts as a carrier and helps to jump-start the growth process. A small amount of high-phosphorous fertilizer is usually used in the mixture. It’s the mulch that gives the mixture the green color.

Mulch added to the mixture has two main functions. It seals the moisture and helps protect the seed. Mulch can be obtained from wood products or paper. The seeds used include lawn and grass seeds, pasture seeds, wildflowers and even crown vetch seeds for erosion control. 

Where faster germination is required, it’s possible to pre-germinate the seeds before the mixing. Some additives may be added to the mixture such as lime for PH correction in the soil. Soil stabilizers or the tackifiers are the other additives used to hold the mulch intact onto the soil.

Choosing the right hydro-seeding company

For successful hydro-seeding, a proper evaluation of the site conditions needs to be performed with respect to the site topography, soil conditions, climate and even the season.

Choosing the right hydroseeding companies is a vital step to growing that dream lawn or backyard.

The right hydro-seeding company will conduct a soil test to determine if any soil amendments are necessary. The right company will determine if mulching is necessary to ensure adequate coverage for erosion control, better soil-moisture retention and even proper control of the soil temperature. A professional test should also be taken on the soil to determine if there’s a need to add a specific type of fertilizer. Below are the factors to consider when choosing your next hydro-seeding company.


This is one of the most important factors to consider. The pricing will vary from one contractor to the other. The cost of operation depends on a number of aspects such as; the cost of materials, insurance, delivery fees, equipment, license fees, payroll, overhead cost among others incurred when doing business. Finding a company that can guarantee an honest quotation, citing all the costs will be great to avoid exploitative pricing.

Experience in the field

Nothing beats quality when it comes to consumer services in the business world. Customer satisfaction should be among the top priorities of a good company. Choose a hydro-seeding contractor that has a reputation to keep. This will ensure that your lawn will be serviced by some of the most experienced professionals and quality wouldn’t be compromised due to negligence.

Additional services

It’s way better to choose a company that will work with you until your lawn picks that distinct green color. They should also offer important information on how to take care of the new lawn as far as additional services are concern.

If you’re looking forward to choosing a hydro-seeding contractor to take care of your compound, consider doing some little homework before giving it a shot. Remember it’s easy to cut corners and not use appropriate products or materials for the job, but it’s never worth the investment. Keep your priorities right by considering the above factors.