6qt Vs 8qt Pressure Cooker - Which One Is Better For Your Needs

6qt Vs 8qt Pressure Cooker – Which One Is Better For Your Needs

  • April 30, 2018

The purpose of this piece is not to argue over 6qt vs 8qt pressure cooker, but to guide you on how to choose the best cooking which will perfectly meet your home needs. Both cookers are inexplicably good, but they are best under specific conditions.

However, your kitchen is definitely incomplete without either of the cookers in it. No matter the conflicting pieces of information you might have read online, this informative and highly researched article will bail you out; your confusion as to what size to go for will disappear after reading through this piece.

Major Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pressure Cooker

When you set out to buy a pressure cooker, it’s not only the size that should be an issue to you. There are many brands and models outside there, so buying a good pressure cooker is dependent on several factors that must be taken into consideration. The major ones are discussed here.

Material quality

This is the starting point. Buying a pressure cooker should be an investment and not another means of being frustrated. You should buy a cooker made of sturdy stainless steel. This guarantees durability and longevity. In order to be sure that you’ve gone for the quality type, ensure “18/10 stainless steel” is written in the manual of the cooker. It is an indication of 18% of chromium with 10% of nickel.

The appropriate composition of these components makes the device durable and strong.

Accuracy of the indicator and quick release

You’ll have yourself to blame if you end up purchasing a cooker whose indicator is not reliable. Any cooker you’re going for should have the capacity to reach 15psi. In addition, you don’t have to burden yourself with guesswork; ensure it has an indicator that informs you whenever it gets to this level.

Another great feature you should look out for in a cooker before placing an order is the quick release. This is masterfully built with the regulator of the device to ensure a swift outward release of pressure without any loss of the heat.


Of course, you need to protect yourself first and you should not buy what will end up terminating your precious life. An advantage of modern cookers is their improved safety features over the old. Contemporary cookers can easily vent excess steam during overpressure using the inbuilt valve with a sound of ‘hiss.’

However, if it persists, there is a further safety feature referred to as sealing gasket which quickly pushes off the aperture in the lid to slightly make way for the pressure.


Here comes the central point of this piece! The issue of size is very confusing. The choice of the size you make is depended on the number of people you’ll be cooking for and space available in your kitchen. Something paradoxical about pressure cookers is that small ones might end up cooking a large amount of food that big ones may not be able to cook.

Although manufacturers indicate the liquid capacity of each pressure cooker on them, the truth of it is that only a little bit over half of the water can be used for cooking.


Be wise enough to conduct a background check on the company’s integrity and their warranty policy before buying the cooker. Although there is a company whose warranty covers the cooker accessories, so you should look for companies that have accessories in stock.

In conclusion, always avoid cookers with the non-stick surface; they’re not durable and they may direct you to the shopping mall soon.

6qt Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
List Price: $59.99
Price: $39.24
You Save: $20.75
Price Disclaimer

Before we talk about pressure cooker 6qt vs 8qt, it is very pertinent to first state the specifications of each before drawing comparisons. 

This pressure cooker is ideal for a family of 3-5 members. This cooker can conveniently contain a full recipe, but storage has been an issue with this multi-purpose pot. It is super fast and it’s surely the indispensable friend of those who with busy schedules. It can cook meat, vegetable and fish to perfection. More so, it has a tenderizing feature that saves your pocket.

In addition, it has a cover lock indicator that helps lower the pressure in the pot. It can easily be cleaned with hands; any other device used in cleaning it will end up damaging it.


  • It is versatile
  • It has modern safety features
  • It has cover lock indicator
  • Can be easily washed
  • Multiple settings to suit each user’s needs


  • Manual not explicit enough
  • Browning cycle usually slower than expected

8qt Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
List Price: $119.00
Price: $52.99
You Save: $66.01
Price Disclaimer

Although this cooker performs almost the same functions with the 6qt pressure cooker, the 8qt cooker serves as a higher dimension of the former.

This pressure cooker is ideal for large families of 6 members and more. In addition, if you do cook for a large group of people and like freezing food, this is your best choice. This is surely a feature that makes this cooker enticing to the 6qt pressure cooker.

Further, it has an automatic cooking regulator which offers an optional ‘quick cool’ for those who so desire. This cooker also has a special in-built tri-clad base which ensures uniform and fast heating. Something amazing about this cooker is its ability to cook many foods simultaneously without mixing the flavors of each food with the other; this is indeed a technological magic for kitchen users.

First-time users need no expertise to start making the best out of this cooker because it has a 64-page recipe book serving as a detailed guide for every user.


  • Durable, strong and attractive
  • Extremely low maintenance cost
  • Very easy cleaning of parts
  • Convenient for cooking multiple foods
  • Easy operation
  • Modern, reliable safety features


  • Costlier than a 6qt cooker

6qt vs 8qt Pressure Cooker: Which Way?

After reading through the holistic reviews of both sizes, the decision is solely yours. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, but what should mainly guide your choice are your needs, budget size, space and preference. If you have a large family, the 6qt is definitely not a choice for you.


If you’ve always been confused on 6qt vs 8qt pressure cooker, this very short but detailed review has bailed you out. You now have more knowledge on each and the specific conditions that should lead to buying which. In all, always ensure you go for one that can last you for decades.