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4 Reasons to Keep Your Garden Trees in Good Shape

Garden trees are one those things many people tend to overlook. They may stand out as the largest object in and around your garden, but rarely do we realize that even trees need maintenance. Obviously, there are a large number of people out there that religiously hire an arborist to come into their garden and make sure their trees are in tip top conditions. 

So, who is this guide for?

This guide is for those that have maybe left the need for tree maintenance in the back of their minds as well as for those that may not realize why trees need regular check-ups. 

1. Trees Add Value to Your Property

Trees that are positioned in the correct area of your garden are valuable. Especially the more mature trees in your garden because they have already established a presence in your garden. There are plenty of people that would love to have a large weeping willow in the middle of their garden offering shade in the summer and adding a natural look to your garden. 

If you are ever thinking about cutting down a tree because it is annoying you or blocking sunlight, think again before you make a hasty decision. That tree could be adding value to your property. 

2. Some Trees Can Grow in an Unnatural Way 

You should also keep your trees in good shape because if the tree grows correctly, which you would need a tree surgeon (arborist) to make sure it does, then once again this adds more beauty to your garden and more money in your pocket when it comes to selling your house. 

Another reason you should hire an arborist to check your trees are growing naturally is to prevent unnatural growth from occurring is because the tree could start to die. Now if the tree is positioned nicely, and you need to cut it down, you could end up losing value on your property. 

3. Letting Through or Blocking Sunlight

Sometimes there are those areas in your home where you really don’t need sunlight shining in. This is when natural light is enough, and the sunlight heats up the room too much. Closing the curtains or blinds is the only option, but what happens if you would prefer the room to let in more light, but avoid too much light coming in. 

An arborist can usually assist you with problems such as these. It may take some time after the arborist has pruned the tree to grow in an angle that will eventually help you reach your goal, but in the end, it is worth it. Remember when it comes to your home, it the little things that can really make a difference. 

There may also be times when trees are blocking sunlight in areas you would much prefer the sun to shine. By cutting the tree yourself without any knowledge of how to perform this task correctly could cause damage and stress to the tree. Once again, an arborist is the answer. 

4. Some Trees Can Reduce the Value of Your Home!

There are quite a few reasons why some trees could reduce the value of your home. Let’s briefly take a look at why you may need a tree surgeon to come in and remove the tree, and why you should not try to remove it yourself. 

If you are going to sell your house and a tree is dying, then the next owner will eventually have to take on the expense of doing so. The price reduction is often far more than hiring someone to remove the tree for you. 

In other instances, the roots of the tree can be causing structural damage to either your property or one of the outer building structures. Obviously, if you leave it too late, you will not only need to pay for an arborist but also pay for a builder to come in and rectify any structural damage. 

Never try to remove the tree yourself, especially large trees that will have penetrated deep into the base of your garden. Look for companies such as Canopy Tree Removal Services. This way you will have the tree professionally cut down and the roots are taken out of the ground. 

Furthermore, if the reason you need a tree removal service is because of structural damage or the potential of damage, then the tree removal expert will be able to remove the tree so no further damage is caused or will limit necessary damage needed to remove the tree to prevent any further issues.

Understand How Trees Affect Your Garden

All you need to do is be aware that trees do affect your property in more ways than you may realize. They add value to your place but can also reduce the value. Not all trees grow naturally so just be aware of this. Trees also have their advantages because with the right expert you can use the way they grow to dictate how sunlight is reflected or directed. 

Moreover, be aware of trees that are close to structures on your property because you certainly do want the roots of the tree to cause damage that could cost you thousands to rectify. As a final word, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg here. Trees can be a fire hazard, a breeding ground for unwanted pests, leaves can be a pain and annoy your neighbors or if you have ponds or swimming pools the leaves can cause problems.