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10 Low Cost Easy Bathroom DIY Ideas for New Better Look

bathroom diy ideas

Ever gone hunting on the World Wide Web for low-cost easy bathroom DIY ideas to give it a new look?

If your answer is yes, seems like we are in the same boat. Being one of the most difficult and expensive rooms to renovate, the search for options for upgrading bathroom is quite tedious and necessary at the same time.

I ended up spending days together to find solutions that would work for me and I realized how difficult it is to find smart upgrades to make your bathroom look more luxurious.

After hearing the quotation which my contractor gave to me for upgrading my bathroom, I nearly fainted and thought that if I have to spend this much then I better be living in my bathroom. From here started my mission of finding some smart and cheap upgrades to make my bathroom look like brand new.

Who are bathroom DIY ideas for? 

Though I started pretty strong but soon enough realized that this was way more difficult than what I thought it to be.

Every little addition or change that you want can dig a deep hole in your pocket but if you move forward wisely, you can actually get a beautiful end result at a much lesser price; the catch here being, “move forward wisely.”

For those who are renovating or those who want to give their homes a touch of newness, bathroom upgrade is quite essential. Though I wasn’t as successful in finding all information at one place but I hope to make your search a little easier.

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Here is a quick checklist which can help you organize yourself better and upgrade your bathroom to look spectacular:

  • Give attention to details:

When you’re upgrading your bathroom, pay attention to details because it is these that will make the whole difference. Also, it is these details which will give your upgraded bathroom a beautiful finishing touch. 

  • Remember that your bathroom is a place just for you:

For most, this is one place where they can spend some me-time. Also, if you’re anything like me then you find your solace in your bathroom; for some, it is their personal studio while for others it is a singing club where the party is for one.

Therefore, while renovating or upgrading your bathroom, give it personal touches and add details that you would enjoy. 

  • Unclutter:

When you are looking at smart upgrades to make your bathroom look more luxurious, remember to add in things that can help you de-clutter because until you do that, all your efforts to give your bathroom a new look will ultimately not give a result that you would have expected. 

Here are awesome examples of low-cost easy DIY bathroom ideas for a new look:

Custom Shelves

custom shelves

With just a few crates and paint you can organize your stuff with one swing. See source below

Towel Storage

towel storage - baskets

Not too much space for the cabinet? Have some spare baskets? Organize your towels in just a few moments! See source below

Fresh Look for your Cabinets

bathroom cabinet diy

Are you bored with your bathroom and forgot how beautiful it was before? Just use paint and your imagination! See source below

Floating shelves

floating shelves diy

IF your bathroom space is plain boring, floating shelves let you hit two birds with one stone – great decoration plus additional storage. See source below

Washer and Dryer Makeover

washer makeover

Give your washer and dryer some personality with sticky tape (if you are one of those who has them in their bathroom) See source below

Don’t Throw Your Old Glass Jars Away

glass jars diy

glass jar storage diy

What do you usually do with your old glass jars? They can be quite handy not only in your bathroom! See source below

Hide Your Paper Towel with Smart Shelf

paper towel idea

It helps you reduce waste and clutter and its top can be decorated with perfume bottles. You can get one here

Upgrade Your Bathtub with Airstone

bathtup diy before

bathtup diy after

It does make a difference doesn’t? For guide see source below

Spa Style Ideas for Your Bathroom

spa style bathroom diy

Just enjoy your place like you were in the best commercial spa! See source below

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Cork Bathroom Mat

cork bath mat diy

If you are a wine lover and have a large collection of corks you can make yourself a durable, stylish and comfortable bathroom mat! See source below


Though there are n-number of reading materials that are available online but there is a lack of some serious solutions; especially for people like me. Like many, I aspire to successfully implement the budget DIY projects but I fail much faster than I begin.

Let’s hope that just like it has helped us get through our college and school, the internet helps us find excellent smart upgrades to make our bathroom look more luxurious. 


Custom Shelves

Towel Storage

Cabinet and paint

Floating shelves

 Washer and Dryer

Old glass jars

Glass jar storage 

Airstone guide

Spa style

Cork mat

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